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The solar power is weighing around 700 million

The solar energy company Skate Solar is about 10 per cent of Nokia's energy source in solar energy to 70 million dollars.

Equity controls more than 10% by combining former ownership and ownership with Equitable Asset Management.

Pál Eitrehim, Executive Vice President of Ecuador, New Energy Solutions.

Pál Eitrehim, Executive Vice President of Ecuador, New Energy Solutions.
(Picture: Tommy Elingson)

"Scale solar investments guarantee our position in a rapidly growing area, and the portfolio of solar energy, in line with our strategy to develop into a wider energy company," says Paletime, Executive Vice President of Equity at New Energy Solutions.

Unknown seller

When they purchased 11,020,000 shares in Skate Solar ASA, they bought 9.7% of the shares and voting rights. 700 million dollars (about $ 82.4 million).

It gives about one percent each of 68.90. Scette's stock price was 60.60 coins on Wednesday. Equivalent has provided an average 14% premium.

The Skatex Solar will increase vehicle prices by just 10%. This includes Equity ASA, shares owned by the equity asset management ASA.

"We are already collaborating with Skate Solar in Brazil and Argentina, we appreciate their expertise and experience, they are a competitor and respective solar company and we support the company's management, management and strategy," says TheHeem: "This acquisition takes over 10 percent of long-term view It is.

– Raids in the market

Who knows who sold the shares, DN does not yet have a Skate Solar contact. There was no announcement of the stock exchanges from the company.

Before today's announcement, the largest shareholders are Skate AS. 17 per cent. Next up, Frost Esse owns Johann Andrsson's 12 percent and FolkPrideDotte 7 percent.

The General Manager of Investment Systems Ownership Capital, PCC, is the eighth largest shareholder in Scale Solar. He believes Equinor is vacant in the stock market.

"There is a raid on the market and everything they get is broken, I think," said Dynn Sisner, the morning morning.

Investor and Portfolio Manager Jan Peter Cisnerer.

Investor and Portfolio Manager Jan Peter Cisnerer.
(Picture: Fredrik Bergens)

However, Manager Manager is now the manager when purchasing.

"This is good with new shareholders, but I have mixed feelings, and when it comes to taking control of the company, it may hinder new shareholders, says investor Jan Peter Cisnerer.

– They close a premium and it goes on course. But I have a share of more than 68 pounds.

– What is the big goal?

– Three digits each.

By the end of the year, Skate Solar is worth $ 6.9 billion, 20 percent after the New Year. The stock has doubled in the last two years.


Over the last decade, the global solar industry has grown by 40 percent annually and hopes to continue to grow rapidly. Solar energy has created the fastest improvement in the area of ​​reproduction, and future energy sources, energy sources are expected, Equinor points out.

In 2017, Ecuñaire entered the first solar energy development project of the Apodi Project in Brazil in partnership with Skatesa Solar. It was a combined joint project of Guanasel 2A of Argentina in June 2018.

The equinator has developed a major wind turbine portfolios. Sheheringham shawls (317 MW), Dudgen (402 MW) and Heine Scotland (30 MW) operators. In addition, Econonar is an associate of Arcanoe windmill (378 megawatts), and has a number of other wind projects for development.

Skate's solar plant generates capacity to generate 357 MW of power plants. Sky Solar is capable of producing 1.057 MW power.

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