Thursday , February 25 2021

The trial of 16 years of a specialist is not a trial-custody

Peter Talas, Ntb

On Friday, 16-year-old Sor-Gudbrandal district court had been serving a long period of imprisonment. Two weeks ago, the demand for the inquiry was the same: two-week prison custody, visit and media bans, and partial isolation. The 16-year-old boy did not address the jail conference but did not let the prison sentence.

– He did not allow further custody. Nora Hollan, a 16-year-old defense advocate, I'm not going to justify Yale now.

On Friday afternoon, Tire-Gudbrandal district court granted bail. In addition to this letter from the parents, the letter and the visit were limited to NTB.

This allows the boy to visit his parents, but under the supervision.

To ask a question

The first attempt was made on Thursday. Earlier, 16-year-old unofficial talks were held in custody under the criminal law.

"Police attorney stain reggomor Giggsstadt told the police in Inland police district of Ntibi that they have been challenged to question the youngsters.

On Wednesday, October 16, a 16-year-old girl was gangraped in a residential neighborhood in Sorepere, Winpruit, Oppel. In addition, when he comes into the room, he is physically exposed to an injured adult on Calvari.

Complete search

The Grimstead will not comment on the details of the inquiry and that the digital track and other tracks have received all the information that is relevant to the investigation.

She was buried at Sodorp Mosque in the 16-year-old northern French municipality. The attendance at the tomb was great. A nearby building was used to pick up anyone who wanted to hold a funeral.

The police can not tell you about a purpose. But once more, the relationship is known only through the school.

– We are in the same class. They have now gone to school. Grimstad says that the relationship between them is not clear.

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