Thursday , July 29 2021

Two women were reported missing on the Sanja: Read Action at the end of Sunday

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In the evenings evening evening evening evening, a message was received from relatives that two women did not come after the cabin traveling in the Andernnet in the Andaldean National Park of Army.

"The police has launched a research campaign to explore the researchers of Norwegian People's Aid, Red Cross and Norwegian Rescue Dogs. Operation Manager at Operation Manager in Trumus Police District, 00.30, before the Operation Manager, NTB is said to say that in addition to the foot crew, we run snowmobiles in the area.

Helicopters are not relieved

Asa says that the area is working to get the helicopter, but due to the difficult aircraft it is still on the ground.

Researchers go to the cabin where women will stay from Saturday to Sunday. About seven to eight kilometers of women are parked in a cabin car.

Snow and cold

By Sunday, snow has become snowy and there is a low degree in this area, Nordyus writes.

The newspaper further states that two women have an address on the Sena, they are well equipped and have access to accommodation.

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