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When the croc was returned, Bose changed


Finnan Hegan Kroke claimed that "Stanislaus walked out of his shoulders" when Beastenstein arrived at sixth in the Sprint on Saturday.

Finnmark came to last position and proved he would be back in the winter of winter. He defeated the last six finals in the Beatostemenes. Body confirmed once again playing in teams.

Sprintland's coach is one of the most important fans of the Old Monsonh Crock. He called for a special emotion in sixth place.

– Very good journey. Arya. Maybe that's something I like most. He came back today and was not joking. Today's win, Monsen NTB said.

The odds are far away

Still, he does not mention much about the job behind the return of Crowe.

"This was a process and I do not want to say more and more, it's easy, easy, and better, and the coach of the Sprintland team smiled.

A smile and a smile is the main character. He placed the sixth position:

"It's a hundred kilos weights, it's a crazy meal, our life is going to go skiing soon, when you pass through a full season, it's a gigantic attitude.

The 28-year-old was very trained last season. It can not bear the body. From behind at 15 o'clock in the Olympic Games and 18th in the back. The term "run down" was used to describe the situation he ended.

"I missed the last gear because I decided to take a good break for about two months, where I worked very little and we were sick and bad when we started training in May.

Roser Montsen

When the training resumed, he had to pay attention to his own body. It was very important to carefully construct.

"I spent some time at us regularly and regularly, and that's why I'm always looking for a form.

Only September 28th is the only call for regular training. This travelogue has gone disappear.

"I'm not sure before this weekend, so thanks to Modzon's coach because it's an incredible savvy to get a confirmation of what I've done.

"We have always made a good cooperation. He agreed with me as well, and I'm allowed to do what I do best. We have been building in the month of May, I started a small operation. I have my pirakiluntayirunnu, and I always feel like visvasikkunnuntenn me. It is a He said this would help a lot phinkearkkingan tlarrinre security.

On Sunday, 15 km freestyle was performed at Baitostlemenes.

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