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Will they make a decision in every championship?


Iskatek: After the long-awaited match against Germany, Swedish players again participated in World Cup quarter-finals. Photo: Lock Vennes / AFP

Paris (VG) has four games in 52 games. It may already be finished. Football World Cup in France is a great success.

And the Swedish has done it again. Some countries deduce results with limited resources like them. Rarely get luck and some quick contraption and suddenly they are in the semi-finals.

Now the Netherlands are waiting, the nation beat Norway's qualification. Orange European champions take care of Italy The enthusiasm of the Valenciennes did not create a day for good football, but football day for Sherida Spitz's death force is always made and at least not able to enjoy the full stop of Vivian Midsummer.

The ultimate favorite, however, will be the winner of a large USA and a growing, literally, meeting between England.

Every country has TV records, there is a tremendous pressure around the championship and the match, and there is an audience party on the streets and in the audience. Organically, this is undoubtedly the best World Cup ever.

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I am more uncertain whether the quality is the same. For example, I think four years ago, no match could compete with the quarter-finals between Germany and France, and ruling British champion USA 2015 seemed to be more frightening with the four-year-old youngster Megan Repei and Karley Lloyd at the top of the career.

BRÅSTOPP: Kareena Sevick was successful in the World Cup, but it was a waste of runs against Millie Bright and England. Photo: Bourgeois S. Delaybeck

In the 8th finals, Japan attracts a ball against the Netherlands, but in 2011 and 2015 (gold and silver) the Japanese were more impressive. This new, young team is likely to be intensified at its 13-month Olympics.

But I do not think that comparison of the championship is very interesting or important and wants to shout: Can we stop worrying about the level? (And I might have contributed myself sometimes.)

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The championship for women is the same every time: Either it is said that the level is too bad or it is said that the level has never been good, whether it is in journalism, in comment, social media or in the mailbox. Always Essential Levels Discussed.

Orange Joy: After 1-0 goal against Arsenal striker Vivian Midema Italy, he enjoyed Jill Rard in the back seat. Photo: Reuters

The level is that when the best in the great game of the world is gathered, whether it is a man or a woman, it is very high.

Good and bad games in this World Cup have been bright and painful, sometimes it is entertaining, others sleep, like Always Despite being a gender, in the World Cup.

When is the World Cup, how much do we talk about the level in another game? Handball? No. Athletics? Not particularly Alpine? Skating? Swimming? No, no, and progress can continue.

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Have you heard that in 2010 the football level for men was so much better in the 2018 World Cup? Hardley Because there is no problem there. Have you heard that Manicor 2010 was better than Iniesta in 2010 or better than Zidane in 2006? No, you do not

It is one of the oldest surviving days, in a game that has been for many years, and still has been ruled by men.

The feeling is that at least part of the public opinion sees a conflict with Champions or Premier League glasses, and it's of course unconscious. When we cut a bomb with big battles every week, almost every day, it may not be possible to impress.

Women football players appear in most of them each year when they are in the championship, and then they have to make a real decision. Are they getting better now?

Before the hedge jorgensen World Cup in Topfoot, Vigyn said, "Even in Norway, girls and women are allowed to laugh at football, whether it sits inside."

If there is a counter-attack that is used very badly, the passport fails, the shot is too loose, if a header or rescue fails, then consider whether van Diaz or Ronaldo or DGI did in the same situation Are kept.

In France: Trond Johansen

Norway's football women were defeated by the men's superior junior teams, such as Thraci Johagh, who was trampled by the best junior juniors, like the Handball national team. The Norwegian junior record is 18 centimeters higher than the Russian Maria Lysscane at the height of 1994 to 2.21, which requires leap to become a world champion in 2017, and so we can only pass through all the games.

Level difference is not big in football, but it is an issue that this is probably the most difficult game. Then the differences become more visible.

Having tried to control the ball with his feet, the opponent hangs, that is, almost everyone knows him. Most people immediately renounce They can not get it.

People who are in the World Cup have been successful. These are superb athletes. Points Level is high. Constant. In the previous World Cup, now and in the next World Cup.

And they must be compared with other women.

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