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Won the Golden Globe – Thanks to the Devil

Wish: Christianity
Desire: When Christian won for "Vice" he gave a surprise speech. Photo: by Paul Drinkwater / NBC Universal / REUTERS


Hollywood's TV and movie industry is celebrated on Monday in Norwegian. When Christian Belle wins Dick Cheney's role in "Vice", she thanked Satan for inspiration.

Published: Updated: 07.01.19 04:50

Actor Christian Belle was awakened when he thanked some unexpected highlights in the humorous critical speech.

"The Devil is grateful to inspire this role," laughed at the stage, Belle said that he was the Vice President George W. Bush's Dick won the best male actor in the musical or comedy for Cheney's "Vice" movie.

He also thanked the director Adam McKay, who claimed that he was looking for actor "Charisma free" for the role.

Tonight's hosts, Sandra Oh and Andy Sambarg started the show tonight against "grilling". Instead of the usual "disagreements" of nominated people, they started with shameful dignity of the stars in the hall.

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These are all Golden Globe nominees and winners

When the evening touched clearly that he accepted the fear of hosting, he took a slightly more serious tone in the evening because it was a part of the change. Hollywood On – you see more diversity on the screen and on the canvas – she has mentioned in other respects, for the nomination of "Black Panther" and "Crazy Rich Asia".

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Here you can see an overview of all the nominees and winners Because it becomes clear.

Won the award at work

Oh, when she defeated Elizabeth Moss, Kerry Russell and Julia Roberts, she became the central figure in many ways when she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress Actress in Ohni Keeling.

– Oh, Dad! Oh God! When the winner is read, a clearly influenced and surprisingly presenter standing on the side of the scene has arisen.

Thanks to my family and especially for two people in this room – thanks to my mother and father, AK said that touching the winner and the host.

See photo series with the winners here:

1 in 11Tourism: Jeff Bridges won the Cecil B. Demil Award.Paul Drinkwater / TT News Office

Shipped messages

Regina King also stood for a strong moment. She won the Best Female Actress in the "If Bill Street Street Talk Talk" story, and used a speech to communicate the message:

Because we do this because we know our microphone is big. I want to spend my time at this stage that, in the next five years, all the things that I am producing will be 50% of the target women, they will be very much appreciative and cry from the audience.

Raja said, "I challenge anyone who is in the same power in all industries."

When Patricia Clarkson won the role of Sharp Objects, she thanked the director Jean-Marc Vallie and said:

– Except for you sex, all of them demanded me. And it is exactly how it should be in our industry.

Lady Gaga also referred to the similarity when "A Star is Born" won the best original song in the song "Swallow".

Songwriter and producers said in the target – "It is difficult to take seriously as a woman in the music industry, but these three men lifted me up and supported me."

Thanks to 102-year-old father

The evening's first winner was Michael Douglas, who won a series in the Best Male Actor in a musical or comedy category for "The Comiccity Method". He thanked 102-year-old actress Kirk Douglas.

One of the surprises of the evening was that in addition to the Cecil B. DeMill Award, HFPAA introduced a new new honorary award. The award for the longest-running television business caller Carol Burnett, whose award is also named.

Cecil B. Deimel himself went on to Jeff Bridge.

The case is up to date.

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