Thursday , August 18 2022

10 Oral Health For Your Oral Health | Viú | Well


For good rural health, not only teeth teeth after each meal, visit the dentist regularly, and a healthy diet.

The food we eat is attributed to their frequency, general health affliction, teeth and gums.

For this reason, we suggest that dentist or morono from dental cans should be included in daily consumption to make the dietary habits of everyday eating habits naturally:

1. Milk and its derivatives. Calcium-rich foods help in developing their teeth during their training. Kalzium follows the acid that causes depression by helping to repair the enzyme of the tooth.

2. Antioxidants. Blueberries are a great source of antioxidants. It provides high anti-inflammatory and bacterial capacity. The prevention of effective bacteria can be very effective in preventing gum diseases.

Vitamin C Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C, as well as pineapple, other citrus fruits, cola reproductive, rejuvenation in penicular cells, and improving the functioning of white cells for the prevention of infection.

4. Chrisic Foods Apples, carrots, and celery are used to treat bacterial rats from the teeth, respiration, and soft tissues in the bloodstream.

5. Turmeric This spice has immunity, antioxidants and tumor.

6. Watermelon Watermelon. Fruits with high aroma are molasses, which help bacteria in line with the teeth.

Broccoli, spinach. These vegetables in calcium preserve the teeth of the tooth.

8. Dried fruits A piece of almonds, almonds, or almonds contain magnesium content, a mineral that is part of the tooth structure.

9. Tea It contains anti-oxidants that control the development of bacteria, especially green and black. This can also help to suppress bad breath caused by bacteria.

Chewing gum without sugar. Like watermelon and watermelon, sugar-free gum increases productivity and cleans the mouth well. Thanks to the xylitol (chewing gum specimen) that contains sugar without chewing dumplings, bacteria are not a dental product.

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