Monday , March 20 2023

442 million people around the globe have diabetes – an agent orbital


Lima .- Diabetes is a metabolic disorder whose main character is high level of glucose in the blood. In Peru, diabetes is about 2 million pounds favorable. The World Health Organization is known as "one of the major killers in the world". Every six seconds a person dies due to diabetes because each of the three cases is diagnosed and every twenty people will be cut off due to complications related to the disease.

The World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14th. That's why we're getting closer to this day. It's important to be aware of the dangers of this pandemic. The situation in our country is very worried because we currently have 7% of the population of Peruola and have diabetes, many of whom do not know it.

Most diabetes population has been identified in Arecypia and Pierre. Index is low due to job and food in the forest area. Since the fodder is rich in sugars and sugars, this increases the body weight of the people. Parents and brothers who have diabetes mellitus may also be affected. High blood pressure and smokers are more likely to have diabetes.

There are some suggestions to prevent diabetes. William Wesan Tubada, Clinical Pathologist Doctor of Unileabs Laboratory,

1. More Physical Activity: Research suggests that aerobic exercise and immunization can help control diabetes. There are two types of training facilities that can be the best in an exercise program.

2. Fiber usage: Natural use and abnormalities. It also increases the risk of blood sugar and reduces the possibility of diabetes will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Keep a healthy weight: diabetes mentally associated with diabetes, which is why you should keep your burden on demand.

4. Repetitive glucose controls: Restrictions can help you see if there is any difference in glucose.

«In the Unilabs Laboratory, we must prevent early detection and early detection. That is why we conduct a Preventive Health Campaign at our headquarters, on October 24, Saturday, October 24, Saturday. "The doctor said.

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