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Alan Garcia Fort Uruguayan president: "The war is to capture Chavers and dismiss him" | Photo 1/6 | Politics


In an extensive letter sent to the president of Uruguay, Tabre Vaccines , Former Peruvian state chief Alan Garcia, requested the political embassy of our embassy in our country.

"The fight to prosecute the country's prosecution to select prosecutor Pedro Chavari is to expel him and transfer the government to the prosecutors to bring it to the institution", Former president Garcia said.

He considered it "Peru's Justice lives in an uncontrolled situation and the legal system of the opposition politician is threatened."

Read the full text of ALAN's letter to the President of Yugge for political desires.

He is the eldest president of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Don Tabare Ramon Wasskes Rosez
Your Superior, Mr. President:

As the former Constituent President of Peru, I have taken over the status of elected people on two occasions, and I urge you to request political asylum in Uruguay.

Today, in my country, laws and procedures, political interests are distorted as tools of persecution. Like other nations, the Odette Scandal broke out. The investigation was started. A large bribe was discovered and proved. Former president Alejandro Toledo has investigated and demanded $ 20 million in the work of an interconnection highway. Former president Altara Hammala was investigated and arrested. He was arrested and arrested on personal agendas for dumping $ 3 million. In February 2018, in February 2018, he was able to collect $ 4 million from the Peruvian Cuban stock company to buy the money he gave to Andrews firm for his business and the Federal Minister of the Toledo government.

Considering the allegations signed by the company and the Peruvian National Prosecutor's Office, they have given evidence of money or bribe. On the contrary, in his statements, Marcel odibrecc a two-year period, and his officials, he said: "Alan Garcia has never spoken of anything illegal. All other matters, account numbers, places or conversations. Hatred of the government agents and pracarippiccuvenna jokes or E Vadantikalkkellam was so and so. Therefore, there is no evidence to prove that a Peruvian or Brazilian diklarararea any evidence of a statement, kallappanattekkuriccea. Moreover, the majority of Congress to approve, on November 9 and 65 to 18 of this year, the multinational Commission has created a comprehensive report prepared by the dichotomy of the two years of the Jat And did not. Try not to associate with Alan garsyaye investigation of topics. "

But the background and the mystery are clear; My country, the war to coordinate with institutions and the public prosecutor's office has created a legally unbearable climate. There is evidence that there is more evidence than evidence that the investigations into the extraordinary unlawful authenticity can be utilized. Today, for political and oppressive purposes, criminal types are mixed and expired to expire. There is a suspicious doubt that there is no evidence to start a start for unrestrained savings. Subsequently, the ban on black money was added to increase from 8 to 12 months. Finally, the number of criminal organizations has been added. "Investigator" thirty-five months up to thirty six months have been developed.

At that time, the defense jurisprudence was applied. To eliminate and annihilate the political opponents of that government, any independent freedom that goes beyond the basic proportions of the state commissioned proposals will disappear.

Since I finished my second president, I had to face multiple charges. Forty eight (48) prosecutors, courts, and Republican Congress helped me. No trial has been done so that no evidence or evidence can be found. But they served my political character for the destruction of media and journalism.

However, after President Petra Pablo Kuzinski's vacancy, a new type of policy has been set for the reasons. It is the strategy of other forces. The Congress Republic elects a republic as a resource for strengthening the temporary problem of the presidential election as a result of the traditional and historic parliamentary opposition of the Peruvian people. Additionally, some magistraters were using voltopes (the total number of judges and prosecutors in Peru), and the prosecutor began to take over the country's prosecutor's office to elect Pedro Chavari. Expelling him and entrusting the institution to the government for prosecutors.

For the first time in a state, apparently democratically, the president and his prime minister have publicly demanded that the Provident Chawyer Congress be expelled. The majority in the opposite direction of the Congress did not agree with such a demand. The Fujimorist Party was accused of crimes against a million dollars for the election campaign. Instead, the money was taken into account by the scam. This figure is assumed to be from an unauthorized activity of Odrobe and that beneficiaries know it. Soon the entire organization of the party was charged with criminal offense. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Peruvian Constitutional Court, and "Thirty six months" against disputes and resolutions.

He was the first to respond when asked for a meeting of the party viliccucerkkanamenn villanevaye Premier sisar head of state, "the first out of cavvari Prosecution," the public interest, the State Prosecution to change, the current president, the prime minister of cases including the case of the former US administration kukskinski mantrimarulppeteyulla Vesikkalum to avoid prosecution.

In this context, five members are investigating a Supreme Court that has resigned the President, in collaboration with Parliament as Judicial; Along with the national council of the judiciary, a prosecutor's office of the National Prosecutor's Office prohibited the state prosecutor's office to address the state prosecutor's office. Peru's Justice lives in an uncontrolled situation and seriously threatens the legal system of the opposition politician. There are no naturally prosecutors or judges.

For example, despite the fact that her own statement has been proven, I have an incident for "inquiry", that the Orebroch company has not paid me for a cent. One person I ever met, sold a home in a nearby neighborhood, paid for it, and later refused to transfer. Five types of tax exemptions have been rejected because they are not reasonable. One was the sixth complaint alleging that one is in the name of Alan Garcia. If this is to be processed for this argument, start my quest for "black money and black money" in the sixth complaint. It is Mr. President, I live in an atmosphere of political persecution.

Just a few days ago, I was given 2,02 formerly to the Former President of the International Federation of the International Conference of São Paulo, former president, which was invested from my agents in a family. If you pay 30 percent tax, it will be from the AudreyBand fund. This is one of the thousands of partners in the Industrial Federations. However, with that single statement, the same day, the ban on leaving the country has been issued against me, which proves the exaggerated and political use of the procedures.

Mr. President, I know how to deal with all the allegations or ideas within the rules. Once in Peru's Supreme Court, finally, in January 1992, everyone was acquitted of me, but the court rejected me because of a coup. That year, the conspirators had forced me to calm down the Columbia, Patria de las lace. But today, the situation is the same, it will gradually be known.
For this reason, I request for the protection of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay as a president of the two countries, as a patron of democratic freedom. Until the end of the political persecution in my country ends.

I hope to get it.

Very respectfully.

Allan Garcia

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