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Artist of the Year: Gisala Valcassel's discomfort with superb remarks by Michell Sauifer [VIDEO]

November 25, 2018 11:00 AM

After abolishment Kevin Blow, Mitchell Sauifer decided to continue in the program of Gisela Valcarcel. However, instead of being thanked by the new provider of the program, popular & # 39; sweet & # 39; It was a speech that everyone was surprised.

The moment came after the golden driver rescue Michelle Sophier Criticism "Some say that Michelle lives because she is in the program's imagination because she will give a sudden rating, but I want to tell her that during the week she did not have the highest rating during the week, but when Daniela and Pedro sang ", Commented Popular & # 39; Sanito & # 39;

After listening to Gisela Valcarcel's words The & # 39; War is & # 39; She did not remain silent and grew in a great defect: pride.

"I'm going to fight to be the best in the competition, and even if you do not believe it, it's important to know how much work it does in the program and I feel that there are big noises here, there are many great artists and People work on Saturday and they are supposed to work, but I will go to fight every day to make the highest peaks in this program's rating. "

No speech Michelle Sophier She did not like it Gisela Valcarcel, Who decided to give a great lesson of humility and simplicity. "Thanks Mitchell, that means I'll give everything and I think we all have come for it, but the rating does not determine talent, the rating means audience and audience means people and people that families who see us and everything Enjoy only ", retained the television host.

"There are no stars here, there is a team and if the team likes you, you appreciate it and make it your favorite, but we do not work individually." Michelle Sophiere has participated in the program, but she also contributes to the program. Enter a challenge, but above all, you're there (viewers), "said Gisela.

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