Friday , June 18 2021

At least 13 males in a Costa Rica cancer – our country's digital diary

San Jose, 19 Nov. (ElPaí .- The Siglo XXI Radio Therapy Center According to the International Human Day Day, on Monday, at least 13 men in Costa Rica have been diagnosed with any type of cancer.

The study was based on estimates of the National Registry of Tumors of Tumors. Indicates that men combat antibiotics. Excessive food, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, smoking, alcohol and others.

Every year after 40 years, men should be forced to perform medical tests. If it is genetic, then there are patients who are ill with their relatives.

The radiotherapy lottery of the XXI Century Radiotherapy Center is essential for medical examination of men of Costa Rican males because the only way to prevent or detoxify a disease.

The most important of men is that this exam takes place twice a year after 40 years and 50 years after a year.

"This moment will not be similar to cancer death, but technology has changed a lot, we have more information on symptoms, how some signs can be identified and that it is positive, because it allows us to be aware that people are alert." Loria pointed out.

No surgical operation is performed by the Siglo XXI Radio Therapy Center, and eliminates the risk of anesthesia, the patient does not need the importance, keeps it in hospital, performs routine activities, and leads to normal lives.

Using radiological methods, high doses of radiation produce precisely to eliminate cancer. This method has a probability of healing from 80 to 95%. This procedure is to emit a patient's radiation without missing the organs of the penis, bladder, rectum, etc.

Now, the XXI century Radio Therapy Clinic is the only institution in the country. There are tools to perform these activities, only five sessions can be diagnosed with cancer, and traditional radio therapy requires more than 45 sessions.

More than 400 prostate cancer drugs are found in Costa Rica and over 400 are affected each year. Between January and October this year, there were 128 males and 54 per cent of people suffering from prostate cancer in the radio therapy center.

Cancer is the leading cause of cancer, prostate cancer, chronic cancer, stomach cancer and lung cancer. More deaths occur: prostate, abdominal pain, cholesterol, lungs, and liver.

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