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Average Brasil: After trying to pass under the pedestrian belt, the truck became half-way Commerce | Lima | Accidents


After trying to pass under a pedestrian bridge, half of the refrigerator truck was divided into Routes of Brazil And in LA Marina, in Free people. This heavy traffic slope collided with the structure and got a wonderful accident.

According to RPP News, Plateau EYK-724 Company & # 39; Grupo Toskanos & # 39; No vehicle, exceeded height of permit (2.80 m), caused a crash. According to the report, Hopper's height was 3.18 meters.

Many trucks of potato were transported to the truck, which fell on the track and traffic congested. Until the National Police (P.N.P.) and Serenajozo arrive to reduce traffic.

Avenida Brazil and Avenida La Marina's bridge near the intersection, this is a frequent scene of such accidents. Many drivers do not respect the maximum height signals and for this reason the bridge is often rehabilitated.

Last week, a truck with a cargo, which was higher than its height, broke a footpath in Koma district and at least ten wounded, in two serious conditions. This impact led to a pedestal structure, which was located at a distance of 21 kilometers from Norton in Penamerica and fell on the vehicle.

In addition, after the last two autoprovinational buses in October, after the crash of the Willaron Bridge in San Isidro, three people were injured in October. The driver did not respect the height of the permit again.

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