Monday , May 29 2023

Coca Cola is a stronger substance than Coca-Cola


Change of strategy

The company intends to introduce two types of products along with its own brand and to develop the soft drink market

Coca Cola is studying two energy drinks to develop soft drinks. However, your brand will print for the first time a product that is not traditional soft drink.

The company said that new products like Coca-Cola Energy, Coca-Colaia Energy Nose Sugar will be launched. Caffeine produces natural products and lakes.

Guano is a plant with anti-oxidants from the Amazon Rainforest. It's four times more caffeine than the coffee bean.

A spokesman for Raffedeman Today said that Coca-Cola cells will be developed as the preferred option for people who want this food.

Coca-Cola precautionary energy drugs have been cautioned by the disputes over the US and international markets. Some drinks were associated with the death of young people.

However, according to USDA data, caffeine consumes an average of 200 to 400 mg of caffeine per day, according to other studies.

Although the launch is not yet established, the brand is waiting for a deal with Monclass Beverages Corp. The biggest partner is Coca Cola. Coca-Cola's Beer Line will be in the direct competition with Manzor and will violate the contract in 2015.

We have presented a distinction of interpretation to a decision panel for their decision, which has been agreed upon by Coca Cola and Mono in the real deal, "a company spokesman said.

Crude prices declined by 10 per cent year-on-year. Coca-Cola's stock was trading at 49.27 dollars a barrel.

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