Wednesday , January 27 2021

Dakor 2019: How the Peugeots went through the symbolic departure photos Commerce | Dakar

2019 Dakar started with a symbolic departure and enjoyed the party on the Peruvian and Costa Verde de Magdalena.

In the middle of the inauguration of the public and the center of the competition, Dakar officially started in 2019.

The first to pass the Christian Málaga podium was Peruvian. Then Emilio Choi did that. There are riders in both ATV categories.

Gianna Velard was the most admired. It is the first Peruvian to take part in the motorcycle category. "I'm happy and I want to go to the desert," he said.

Lala Berga put emotional side to pass the podium with her younger son who called her co-pilot. Small is a motorcycle motivation.

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