Wednesday , July 6 2022

Diabetes and mild disease gradually worsen the organs


"Diabetes is a heart, like a disease that affects all the organs of the heart, like kidneys and kidneys," says Dr. Francisco Martinez Castro said, on November 14, just before World Day of Diabetes. .

According to a specialist, a minority can only increase thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, and morbid vision.

This doctor of the International Bleeding Prevention in Latin America said that the condition of the insulin partial or complete siphon is a hormone that regulates leukemia. But when the blood vessels that are causing the real accident are not effectively controlled.

Martinez explained that 54% of diabetes will be able to control the blood glucose levels and maintain adequate habits and maintain the pharmacological principal. Therefore, organic farming is less dangerous.

The World Health Organization suggests that diabetes should not exceed 130 million glasses of glucose in the blood.

Experts say that when these measurements go up longer, the aim of appearing in diabetes, kidney problems, heart rate or blood circulation is not the absence of organs.

One of the major diseases of blood vessels can occur in the eyes. This can be seen in the long run.

Similarly, the blood vessels get worse when 52% of men's repetitive stimulation occurs because "patches are destroyed because they are not actually destroyed, because there is no reality," said sexist Fernando Sarah.

Diabetes mellitus is a symptom of diabetes, which is a symptom of diabetes when insulin is going to the doctor. But doctors can visit the doctor, "said the doctor.

That's why when you go to a neurologist, the specialist has time to check for blood glucose levels.

When these conditions arise, Zarett explained that the problem of resolving diabetes should be solved. In addition, the patient should also be given mental health treatment for "finding another way to focus on comfort".

In the devices for controlling this disease, both experts agree that they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle, but continue to be treated and their glucose levels are constantly being monitored.

It is important that you have glucose metabolism, some patients are overweight or glucose levels, so there's a complication.

Citiian Cano, Business Unit Manager at Bear Healthcare said the doctors will help improve the patient's health.

The doctor suggested that glucose was "a compass for making decisions" as the amount of glucose differed. Therefore, patients can also count on what they eat and when they eat.

Finally, Cano says that all people should give a glucose test regularly. Because, "Today, half of all people with diabetes know that glucose levels can not be measured."

According to the World Health Organization, by 2030, the disease will be the seventh cause of death in the world.

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