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Edwin Oviedo: "Es un abuso del fiscal Carrasco" | Foto 1 de 7 | Política


Insiste Edwin Oviedo, President of the Federación Peruana de Fútbol (FPF), is a pronounced person who has been involved in the development of the cargos en su contra.

En diálogo con Canal N, Oviedo afirmó quem suceo reflejaba "un abuso del fiscal" Juan Carrasco.

Carrasco, a magistrado contractor, organizes an investigation into an investigation by organizing criminal Los Wachiturros de Tumán and has been investigating the case of the deceased: "No tengo nada que ver en el asesinato de esas personas, no tengo ninguna participación. Creo en mi inocencia, and from the youngest of the population".

"This is the financial condition of the Carrasco, who has been involved in the process of prevention of money, as well as being a victim of a crime." Volunteers ", which, as well as agreements,

En entrevista con Perú21, Carrasco sostuvo: "Ahora más que nunca está acreditado que oviedo de los angeles de red criminal and as a result of a criminal investigation by the defendant of a criminal investigation, a cargo dispenser has been sent to Tumán. If you have been involved in organizing the event, then you will be able to agree on this.".


Admás, the former deputy director of Los Angeles, Los Wachiturros of Tuman, has been accused of being a suspect in the case of Asansorado's lawsuits for legal reasons. A Hinostroza lo conoció, segun dijo, a finales de 2017

Oviedo señaló que no había ni a sol a hinostroza

Oviedo reiteró que es "un abuso total del fiscal".

"Nunca he hecho nada indebido. Soy inocente", Afirmó, tras negar que sea is in the middle of the heights of criminal justice.


"Soy inocente is the actos that will be known as Lo voy a demostrar " , indicating that Oviedo, a reporter of a reporter who is a former president of the Peruvian de Fútbol (FPF)

Along with the information that has been sent to you, it is important that you enter the relevant logos of the relevant logos and logs directly to them. "It's an integral way to escape from", that is, it's a tragedy that it has no clue whatsoever.

A small futbolist on logs of the closing of an intestinal tract, Oviedo is an entrepreneur and entrepreneur in the history of the economy.

Edwin Oviedo

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