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Facebook on-line on Facebook: Sheets and Channels for Copa Peru Semifinal

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This Sunday is from 3pm Live From the stadium Talara champion, Atlático Torreni and Alianosa Universidad de Húnano LIVE online for a return visit to Quarterfinals in Copa Peru. The FIG Live stream Direo Liber via Facebook.

In this match, the result of a 2-1 defeat is the result of the war, the Atlliko Torne reaches the slightest challenge. Very champion In front of their fans, they turn to the scoreboard and finally ensure their presence in the semifinals Peru Cup.

"Our next goal was to qualify for the finals (they went 2-1), our final goal is to overcome the Copper Peru champions, it's very difficult, but impossible, liguilla", "Drug & Manual Riofrio Technician said.

With the slightest accomplishment of the Alianas University, you know that the game is very difficult because you get the peace of mind to handle the score in the talaara, as the counter counter attack will help. More inspiration, support for fans.

Final final Copa Peru will be the final final along with the final of the tournament. In addition, teams that retain the second and third position have the opportunities to face the second and third points in the second division.

Atlético Torrenii Alianosa University Live | Possible alliances

AttributeTurnony: Aquino; Mayas, Guerra, Perez, Shimakawa; Farfan, Seli, Flores, Mogallon; Zapata, Canyon.

D. Riofrio

University Alliance: Laura; Kamara, Morales, Fernandes, Whiskind, Bashi; Roach, Campos, Trujillo; Barrier, Porhol.

DT: Ronnie Reveller

Stadium: Talara Champion

Time: 3:00 p

Tournament: Quarterfinal Cup Tour Peru

Peru Cop – Final Quarters

Return party

Sunday, November 18

Estudio Campaigns – Tara

3:00 PM Atletico Torreni and Alianosa University

Memorial stadium of Ascension – Hunkavelika

3:00 UUAD Ascension – Las Palace

Cesar Flores Stadium – Vertical

3:00 Outer Molinos El Pirata vs Credicoop San Cristobal

2nd Arada Thorus Stadium – Huuko

At 3:30 pm, the social planet SanDOS F.C.

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