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Facebook Viral: Fans watch Copa América match and the store closes its doors Football | Brazil vs. Paraguay | Peru | Mexico. | Blooper | Heavy Jokes


You will die laughing. Share via Facebook Viral video Thousands of users laugh after security managers at the store decided to close their doors in the middle of the game Brazil vs. Paraguay While some fans were watching the meeting America Cup.

The last Thursday of 27th June, Brazilian team was competing for a place to enter the semifinals Copa América 2019 And he had to defeat his opponent Paraguay. The result of this match causes people to focus.

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So, a group People They did not want to miss the exciting game and they stood outside the store to see the game after their tenure was over.

As found in Facebook images, there were many well-known resources gathered out of the store. However, they could not imagine that their plans would be ruined.

Party Brazil v. Paraguay It lasted for several minutes and came to the penalty, but safety barriers did not prevent the legislators to start closing their doors before their eyes.

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Despite the requests Peruvian To continue watching the game, the managers did not have any kindness at the time of penalties and the bars were reduced. Completely disappointed, they left the place to go on bus steps.

A Facebook Page was responsible for declaring the images Social Networks And received thousands of reproduction. Some users could not include laughter before a funny station Security agents And gentleman.

Check out the viral video on Facebook here:

In this note you will see Original Video It shows the exact moment of Facebook that is in charge of people Shop They close their doors and face people's discomfort, which were kept around.

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They pass Peru in Copa América with funny scenes from El Chawo del 8

This Copa América 2019 He has won the opening stages and is already in the quarterfinals where great matches are expected. However, it became on Facebook Viral A parody Chao del Ocho, Rebuilt by a fan and it creates a lot of laughter for the users. This publication is already in trend in Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Mexico.

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Journalists ask for a strange question and Peruvian them & # 39; triangle & # 39; Runs alive

a Video Posted on YouTube Viral And provoked that thousands of users laugh aloud, because it shows a certain moment in which a journalist is 'broken' by a street vendor while live broadcasting. It was done. The communication was sent to cover Copa América 2019, But he did not imagine that he would scoff at the dealer.

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The young man enjoys a minimet seller and is trapped badly

Thousands of criticisms and all kinds of reactions have created a strange Viral video Facebook, which shows us unexpectedly Trolley What a Minimaltech Salesman does when a young man tries to play a heavy joke.

The boy, working for a well-known convenience store Okso, The & # 39; Demand & # 39; The client had to suffer, who tried to ridicule him and had an unexpected reaction that produced applause and all kind of admiration.

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