Wednesday , August 4 2021

Find out how to listen to audios on WhatsApp before sending them

There are many functions in Watts
Each time it often adds updates that make the application easy and easy to use; However the app still has the required details. For example, you are likely to hear the audio you record before sending.

It's hard to believe that the most widely used messenger in the world does not allow you to do something basic and simple. But there is a little trick.

Do you want to be sure that your voice is listening well? Do you review what you said before sending your audio to your recipient? It's simple

Open the conversation on which you want to send audio

To send audio, always press the microphone button and press it, and then slide your finger towards the padlock above. So the audio will continue to record and you can free your finger

Record what you want and without touching anything else; Press the back arrow to exit the conversation: it will not be lost with the Global Vision information.

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