Thursday , June 8 2023

Fish Warning Risks for Removing Commissions


The rating agency Fitch Ratings made it clear that the proposals to limit some banking fees would have negative consequences for Mexico's banking prospects. It is not clear whether approval should be given priority.

This raised the issue after the day after the Senate sent a Senate to cancel some banking commissions in the Senate.

"Fitch believes that Mexican banks can reduce profits if they get prior approval, the commission is an important source of income earnings," said the rating agency.

In the last five years, Mexican banks have an average income of 18 per cent of their total operating income, while the net income is still the most in net revenue.

Because of their importance, banks provide a healthy diversification of their sources of income to banks. Profitability in profits also helps the banks in accordance with the rating agency, even in the past few years of low interest rates in the period of financial pressures.

Fitch believes that if this proposal is approved, it will generate negative consequences for the long-term and long-term impact of economic transactions in Mexico.

"He added that existing and new bank partners are discouraged and can adversely influence on the supply and supply of financial products.

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