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Flavia Laos, Alessandra Fuller A new video, friends have rejoined? [VIDEO Y FOTO]


November 11, 2018 14:15 PM.

After the revelations made by Flavia Laos Ambassador with Alessandra Fulllers, Queenstowner America TV As part of pre-sale recordings.

One of the riders shared through his Instagram account behind the scenes for new promotions America TV Next year.

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How might you be in the pictures? Flavia Laos And Alessandra Fuller They will enjoy the dance song of the official song America TV, The party in America that interacted with Puerto Rican Chain.

Even a few meters away, Flavia Laos And Alessandra Fuller They did not meet each other, they never had, and they never existed.

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Published on short clip Instagram Involves partnership America TV, And next Production's actors will also be shown on the channel.

In the video, Alondo Garcia-Miro highlights the presence of her Flavia Laos. Green Eyed is the debut player in the industry I will see you again.

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You can also watch the dance performances in the actress Patricia ProtocolThe main character in the new series Los Whelce.

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