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Google tells users not to reuse hacked passwords Google tells users not to reuse hacked passwords | News


Google, the world's most important Internet search engine, warns its users to avoid recycling Passwords When surfing the web, especially if they are already subject to a previous hack.

The tech giant has revealed through its security blog ( that many Google Chrome users continue to use passwords that were previously notified about hacking in the past. The company keeps these findings on its Chrome password checkup extension.

In its report, Search Engine claimed to have scanned 21 million users and their associated passwords. The results show that about 316,000 are marked as insecure.

"Report by password checkup extension unknown .According to telemetry, we find users have violated some of their most sensitive financial, government and email accounts and re-used unsecured credentials. These risks were more frequent in shopping sites (where users could save credit card details), news and entertainment sites, "Google says.

Google works to prevent thousands of users from hacking across the network. (Photo: AFP)

Google works to prevent thousands of users from hacking across the network. (Photo: AFP)

Extension Password checkup Analyzes the username and password the user uses when creating a new account, and in some cases alerts them if the same credentials are involved in the data leak.

Google It also reports that 26% of users consider instructions for using a different password; But important 25.7% do not and do not use the same password.

The leading Internet company launched the Chrome Password Checkup extension to demonstrate the importance of creating strong passwords, using two-step authentication and never repeating the same password if that password leaks, which does not affect other services or platforms.

Other options, such as Apple Pulse Safari and Mozilla Firefox, also consider and recommend this issue. Passwords Safe to increase safety.

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