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Guido Lombardi says he will not resign after apologizing for showing "PPP loyalty" Photo 1/3 | Politics


Collective Representative Guido Lombardy He said he would not leave this night Cambio by Perugian Former president Pedro Pablo Kuskinski (PPK) He apologized to Alberto Fujimor because he "decided to show loyalty" to the former Ruler.

"I do not go [cuando renunciaron Zeballos, De Belaunde y Costa] Because at that moment I felt that we should be supportive and show kindness to President Kaskinski, I wanted to sign a sign on the bench, "he says.

Lombardy He pointed out that because of his "positions outside the ruling", "the boom of problems" around him. In that sense, he revealed that he would never be able to get away from the legislative assemblies, and hence could not accept "instant positions".

"I believe my resignation is a leap of issues, and I have tried to get the coconut positions after several internal discussions in a few months, and some people never go to the meetings and have no choice to take control of a bench."

Guido Lombardy


The parliamentary indication that the president would support his seat Martin Whisker The plan he chose.

"I will continue to support the president, and I think of the President's problems VisceraHe works in the chosen course Cambio by Perugian, We must inaugurate, "he said.

When asked what was happening in Congress this week, Lombardy In the final report, he said that these "especially difficulties" were due to the delinquency of the plenary. Lava Jato Commission.

In this line, former President Alan Garcia was also excluded from the meeting, Mercedes Aurus As a mark of respect for the report, his resignation is not a reason.

"It is particularly difficult to be a week, exceptions, misunderstandings, disagreements, and at the same time discussing the extensive activities conducted by Lava Jatto Commission. […] I think there are some contributions. But Alan Garcia did not report that the report was a serious failure. Allen Garcia was the highest paid amounts.

"My resignation could not be done with Mercedes-Benz vote because he made my decision at that time, and I wrote my letter to the president," he explained.

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