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HAD JARA: & # 39; I did not sell myself & # 39;


November 10, 2018, 5:00 a.m.

She says that she has a Suja's subject Facebook $ 500 will also be given for personal shows. Much more embarrassingly, she was referring to her work professionals, never offering offers or charges for close meetings.

– When that guy is raised like you?

– When I found out, that person created the wrong profile "Katti Jara Vasx"Where he charges private dance touch shows, and they are afraid of how humiliating my good reputation is.

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Do they want to hurt you?

Yes before using someone else name someone else. But this time it's grave. Fake photos dug them because they were my photos, we did not know they had a very small job. I'm a singer, I do not have private shows, they point to wrong profile, touchs are less and it is defamatory.

– What message should your fans have to offer?

– I know that my work is music, and I will never sell it. Cops in social networks can not use duplicate people to make money and to harm my image.

Look at this: "I am a perfectly single woman"

– Do you know who is behind it?

– I do not want to think more details in depth, we have screenshot and dialogues in our inbox. It does not exist here, I will arrive at the final outcome, my lawyer has already taken up the case. I want to tell that person that we are behind his steps and a depth of what he is doing.

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