Wednesday , September 28 2022

In the Patio – Chikleo Road (Video) Minivan's violation took place one dead and nine wounded.


Deadly travel One person lost his life after the disappearance of a Minian and nine others wounded.

The traffic accident was recorded at 11:30 in the morning, Patao – Chikleo Highway was recorded on.

Fact The victim was identified as Eliso Bastamante Hoyos, 61, who is known as "Charaada", who was running the registration vehicle M3F-513. This was done at the level of the LAMAS Mercedes sector, which was in the jurisdiction of Pomelka District.

The residents of the area warned the agents of the police unit of the fact that they reached the spot, as well as help the fire company employees and rescue the injured passengers.

One of them is: Maximiliano Sanvovel Villacorta (74), Eli Ramrez Diaz (34), Jose de la Rosa maza gonzales (76), who was transferred to the Metropolitan Clinic, where he was diagnosed with some injuries in the body, remaining under the observation.

Thereafter, the injured minor PA He also came in the clinic. like this. (16), with whom his father was Carlos Luis Arroyo (46); And small FRs (16), who was with Professor Maximilian's involvement.

The agents reported that the other three wounded were taken to another local clinic in Chiklea. Despite a quick intervention to transfer the seriously injured driver, he came to the clinic.

Unit. According to police, traffic accident occurred due to Miniwan's mechanical failure.

"Apparently the tire broke out, the driver tried to stop the vehicle, but on the contrary, he returned," the agents said.

Corpse Pope – Chikleo works as a driver for many years on the way. At the time of supervision, she was not wearing the seat belt. Also, it was possible to know that the deceased was living with her mother in Petuto.

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