Monday , May 17 2021

Install chip in your hand to pay for purchases

If you find a way to pay for your purchases without requiring a credit card or cash? If you were told that only you can do all kinds of transactions with your hands? What to do if I want to do all these things A Microchip implant in your hands? Will I do it?

This is a new discovery that is growing rapidly in Europe and it has promises We revolutionize our shopping.

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It is a small microchip, is not bigger than rice grains, which is installed in the space between the index finger and the toes. This is called technology RFID And those who can take it Open the gates of their homes without the need of the keys, or board them in the train without taking tickets.

According to official figures, in Sweden There is already 3,000 people That chips are installed, authenticated & # 39; cyborgs & # 39; Is happening The figure may be too high, considering that the last count was made in May.

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In other countries like Germany, Australia and New Zealand The use of this technology is becoming popular, in which many everyday activities are expected to be easier.

But how do these devices work? RFID Technology is The only one that is used in chips to identify pets. It also works on many of our devices such as mobile phones and Debit and credit card without contact.

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However, in the case of this device, this wants to integrate all the benefits provided by this technology, so that the chip will work As an identity mechanism, Also open doors, appliances and pay bills.

Of course, this has caused the most doubtful suspicions, which are seen in Chips in the event of potential proportions. Science fiction. Some believe that people's privacy is in danger, and those devices can be used For commercial and political purposes

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