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Latin grammys: Duralelear had his "Marassanasso" in Caribbean idols

Uruguay was one of the greatest winners of the night with three awards; The only winner was Argentine Fyato Paes; 15 year Mexican Angela Aguilar is a great revelation Source: Reuters

Las Vegas – An opportunity to analyze after the game. It is fortunate that thousands of people who struggle every day on the night of the Casanes of Las Vegas do not mind the minds of the people. One day yesterday,

George Duquesler

His change has changed
Ice Life Servant A comfortable futoon, to relax from the rest, to relax, and every opportunity
The microphone was in the foreground to mark the course – the rhythm- he took over the album and gave him three

Latin grammy

, As it did
In the evening the main winner. "We are alive because we are in the movement", the Uruguayan musician "Movimento", which was shown in the 19th edition

Latin grammy

. Columbian J. eight of the eight nominations Balvin became the most beloved musician in the day. But nobody takes the right thing, the best urban music album,
You're vibrating. Nevertheless, Columbia expressed its power in a complex framework of Latin American music.

Awards were presented by the voters and awards of the Latin Recording Academy in the film Karol G, the best newcomer. Way


Best Contemporary Pop Album (F.A.M.E.)

Carlos Vivis

Contemporary tropical album. While the representatives of the bell were selected for the night exhibition, there were plenty of them

J Balvy


Carlos Vivis

. Barve will first sing with Carla Morisson in Mexico

Nicki Jam

Make DJ Steve. You live with that beautiful combo that includes Latin interests, jazz, and a small pop like Monesey Perin. Yes, the Colombians.

J. Balvin, has not promised
J. Balvin, has not promised

In Latin America, TTT (6 million viewers after the signal) is a show in the evening's evening (in the evening in Las Vegas) for Unveen. George Drexler, the main documentary and recording of the year, talked about minutes after his three-year-old brother's grammy award (or grandfather, from his first edition, from 1959 to 1959), in three durations. In a glimpse of the MGMM Aarna, a modern venue for over 10,000 viewers, the people buying tickets for this event are working in a music system in the United States. He is waiting for the time to go out of the nearest foodstuffs, who dares to ask his favorite musicians "tenderness" and "honor" as "one more." The prescribed schedules schedule is low. This is just a part of the offer for gifts. Numbers are very clear. The audience will receive the first evening only after breakfast, with 38 out of 49 gifts.

The first rally held at another hotel was only 10 minutes from Mantel Bay – MGM grant, the main venue for this event – drawing a good part of the day's conclusions and creating an extraordinary trend: prizes and distribution A good portion of the winners from all messiahs. The first part of the Latin Grammy, the president of the Latin Recording Academy, Gabriel Abuuro Jr. explained, is a laggard than all the nominees. To celebrate and expect that no one is moving from your table to the end. Within a few minutes, the entire media in Latin America is the only winners in the room of MGM.

Claudia Montero, Argentine surprise
Claudia Montero, Argentine surprise

They say that what happened in Las Vegas was happening in Las Vegas, but it was impossible for the anchors to go all over the world in Argentina by Claudia Montero. "I've got the Argentine woman for the first time," she won only after winning one of the Latin Grammys, Best Classical Music Album, Magazine and Mystery, one of the best contemporary classic compositions / work (Lights and Shadows). Guitar and string orchestra). If Argentine artists are, it will be a mirage. Our artists harvest the Pero Guerado (Zoro Fitta Paise in the Tago Category defeated by Argentine musician, Daniel Biniel, Rodolfo Medorus, Omar Mollo, who lived in America for 20 years). But as we hope to overcome this trend, in recent times, the Latin grammar in Colombia will be the new Columbia, and our musicians should work. The Soladad Pastor told us in the evening before the award, "Mana a year of 10th anniversary": I'm here to make a flag, so next year an Argentine musician or band will take this special distinction, and now he does not pay any compensation for our people. Artists have the right to accept us. "

In the same direction, one day later, with disappointing disappointment, some musicians and managers agreed that you should go to work. How? Collaborates with the Latin Recording Academy. The percentage of enrolled Argentine musicians was very low. At the end of the day it is musicians and people in the industry who vote for it. In any election, the way to change this trend is going to vote. George Drexler's victory has more hopes and fewer feelings. It should be considered as the success of the artisan song of the little idea that is born of an artist's head and the world. In this sense, Uruguayan has been recognized as the new Maranankas by far the slowest music. That's only the luck – but we insist on having a job – travel to another beach in the Dell Plata.

They adjusted the course

Rosalia, confirms its position at the top
Rosalia, confirms its position at the top

The red carpet is Carla Morrison, Andrey Evevery (later Grammy, Best Alternative Album of the Album Popoledos) and Li Samu of the Bombaya Esteeo. Without the pin code mirrors, three agree that it is a journey to travel in one direction. After receiving two awards for Pop, Flamenco and Urban Lights, Rosellia (Drekler came up with a very glorious Gomez phone): "I do not stop the war. The number of women in the same recording studio as Mens Eliot, Bijorc and their footprints And I do not see them without them being without them. "In the same direction, the work that Venezuelan Linda Brissonock had done before hours did not have to worry about sex. Another artist succeeded in the impact of the 19th century. These awards will be distributed by Edwardo Cabra (former Karl 13), Andre Torres, Mauricio Ringi and Julio Rice Copello, the producer of the year's Argentine Rafael Arcot. Karol G is a new artist, the actual revelations are a 15 year old girl, Mexican Engel Aguilar (a legend in her country, Pep Aguilera daughter), with ten interpretations of the classic "La León". It is a traditional way of breeding and a nostril replacement, which comes from a traditional DNA, where it travels, and always exists in the movement, either from here or there. Like the Latina, this sound that summarizes today, like the Saskcan market, has good eyes on the industry. After "despito", after the Marrakeshon in Dresler, before the next effect.

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