Wednesday , December 1 2021

Legal reform will allow the removal of the Sendero Luminoso monument in Lima | Politics


The Peruvian government was amended on Saturday The funeral and cremation law, This will allow you to break down within fifteen days. This giant tomb that contains the remains of the members The shiny way.

The Congress approved by the Congress on October 4 will allow the body to be freed from the body with the approval of the body Health Authority at the application of their relatives or court.

Judicial orders are provided by the judicial district civil judge Where the cemetery is located- In accordance with the request of health authorities, the administrator or third party to be legitimate.

"The municipality or health authority shall be discharged and transferred after 15 days from the date of commencement of the notification and without the relatives and / or responsible personnel commencing the internal transfer procedure" It reads according to the law.

The presence of this tomb was seen in favor of the public in 2016. Dozens of people have gathered a video that has been buried in a riot of high-profile hijackers. The Froon.

The authorities knew the event, and the authorities needed to find their brains. But relatives have taken a legal fight to avoid that relationship. Declared itself The Association of Anaphylates of Janoside (Afflev) Peruvian public registrations have been legally registered before.

However, after the approval of the Congress new system, a Mayor of Komas, Miguel Zaldana, 15 days prior to the demolition of the land, the families of the refugee workers should remove the bodies according to the notification.

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