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Louis Castandeda: Oops for requesting to exit the country Yellow line | Lava species | Politics


Special Instruments of Lava Stones, Carlos Puma Quispay, had earlier requested Judicial Power yesterday that the former mayor of Lima ordered the preventive precautions to come out of the country. Louise Castanada Lausio For an eight month period.

This financial requirement is for Yellow Line Project Relief Agreement, July 28th, & # 39; By-Pass & # 39; And to ensure continuity of the investigation that followed the case of agenda of increasing the toll of tolls in 2016. During the third management of the Castañeda in Lima Municipality, The complaint party is anticipating that irregularities and suspicious payments were made by the Brazilian manufacturing company OAS.

The restriction of leaving the country requested by the fourth display of a special team of the Corporate Supertovellational Prosecutor's office, in the corruption cases of officials, also leads to the former civil servant of Lima Metropolitan Municipal Gisele Zegraa.

This step is also requested for a confident man Martin Bastamante Louise Castandeda, After the company gave him money for Castanada campaign, resigned from his post as deputy mayor of the municipality of Miraflores.

Former leader of the Solidaridad Nacional (SN) Jose Luna Galways, the current leader of Podium's Peru Party and owner of Telsup University, is also involved in political requests. In addition, Jaime Vilafarte and Alfieri Lukveti

The newspaper communicated with Brian Vernor Kabbler for the attorney Louise Castandeda, Who suggested that they will not give the statements and all the defense arguments will be heard in the hearing. We tried to communicate with the investigators but we did not get the answer.

Commerce It had access to the document presented to the Court of Preparatory Investigation of the Anti-Corruption System. Below we provide the main arguments presented by the proceeding for the barrier to leave the country.

1- 2014 to seduce OAS's contribution to the campaign of Castaneda for its third period
Effective collaborators have pointed out that the 2014 elections were compiled OAS Castanada campaign will contribute money. So, Leo Pinheiro met with the former mayor several times and he accepted to receive cooperation. Thus, the company reported as having received the $ 220,000 as the Receiver Martin Boostement, along with the report Commerce.

Money came out of an office OAS Nominated "will control", which manages a box to pay bribe. The directors later met with Castan when he had already won the election and they decided that the Yellow Line project would not go forward, and the by-pass of July 28 would be made.

2- Imagery of OAS contributions through small delivery
The Financial Intelligence Unit suggests that from 2011 to 2016, Castaneda channeled income from S / 1 & 759,800, primarily for check caching, which was arranged by the transfer of a third party for a small amount. Regarding the cash of the check, some of these were issued in favor of cast nad by Telsup University (see box).

Those merges are classified as suspicious transactions. Luna was the secretary general of SN, the owner of the above study center, and is believed to be the chief financier of the party. There is a doubt that OAS funds were channelized through a tapesup, whose final recipient was Castanda.

3- Gisle Zagrera's compilation with former OSS president
It is said that the July 28 project & # 39; by-pass & # 39; As an illegal origin, there would be a compilation between Gizel Zagrera and the former president. OAS Leo Pinheiro in 2014, so that the company does not sign a contract for the Rio Verde project with Susana Villarán's management and instead the above road drops are made. In addition, construction work required in March 2015 requires repatriation, and the fact that the environmental impact is conducted under the supervision of the study. OAS And they were done in December 2014, while the Wilarren's management was not completed yet. It is to be said that OASA had prepared a study for a project which would later be conducted in management.

4- Editing a change in favor in favor of relief
Castadana is grateful that he has favored the negotiation of Adendem No. 2 in the Yellow Line Project Contract and the compensation for the subscription and subscription membership of the Rio Verde project's trust agreement and the subscription membership. These contracts mean better conditions for flexibility.

5- Appointment of trusted people in key positions
It is applied Castaneda To favor the builder OAS Lee Amrilla named her colleagues for full control of the organization in various areas of municipal and guaranteed the company financial and contractual benefits. Thus, researcher Jamie Villaferte was appointed as the manager of promotion of private investment. Giesel Zagrera was appointed as an advisor to the amendments or changes to the relief agreement. In addition, researcher Bruno Luquetti Rodriguez was appointed as the manager of promotion of private investment.

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