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Lung cancer is the most dead. More people die than breast, colon, and prostate cancer


Cancer The lungs One of the major causes of cancer death in the world is that it is more than breast-feeding, ulcerative and prostate-in most cases Find out In the final stages, it is very difficult to inform Infopao.


Anything Person There is a risk of lung cancer Smoking, Radio emissions, air pollution, environmental tobacco smoke, ie,Passive smoker ", The American Lung Association comments.

About 25% of the patients are diagnosed with cancer Not at all Smoking causes smoking, wood smoke, asbestos and oxygenic virus Argentina Association of Respiratory Medicine.

People in the age group of 55 and 80 who are in the age group of 30 years have been subjected to smoking for 30 years and are counting on the American Lung Association.

On the other hand, lung cancer is more susceptible to men and has been affected by smoking.

Although men are smokers, the number of women with lung cancer is very high, most of them do not smoke and are young."Said the pulmonologist Iris Boiras NavarroAccording to Infopov.


If you suffer from this respiratory illness, it appears CoughBlood vessels, shortness of breath, chest pain.

Cancer is a symptom of cancer.

An X-ray or nest scan may also cause lung damage in the scan form Aschoff Or suspicious tissue mass.

In any case, the only possible diagnosis can be achieved through susceptible tissue analysis BiopsyDr. Boiras explained.


To avoid the presence of harmful substances, including the above, the low dose computerized tumigraphy should be avoided especially for those with high risk.

Timeframe helps provide accurate treatment from time to time.


In addition to traditional chemotherapy and radio therapy, Immune system It was used as an effective treatment.

Natural immune system protects the body against viruses, bacterial and other diseases, strengthens Immune therapy.

It is based on other treatments Drugs Destroy cancer cells, block block blockage and stop spreading from the body. It is harmful to healthy cells than chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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Lung cancer is the most dead. More people die than breast, colon, and prostate cancer

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