Friday , June 18 2021

Melissa Claug shoots against YAHIY Plasencia: "It has a double face"

Melissa Klug, Yehiyara Plasencia, Salsa's La Patran,

Daniela Darcot not only honed the Ironia Plasencia, but also with Melissa Clueg's criticism of the title & # 39; of the Queen & # 39; Is a double slide.

"Oh, but as a true person you can tell me that you can not say I'm real for the last three years if you're going to talk about it, it's clear, I said all my life, she's a double face, and I always say it," Chalika said.

However, this was not the case, Melissa Clog was ridiculed, and Yiahia Plasencia her name & Tony of the Toto & # 39; From & amp; # 39; s patent de la Salsa & # 39; And has mocked the & # 39; Evaluator of Responsibility & # 39;

"What is (the savior), why not evil?" "La Blanca de Duxuxo".

Lee: Lacho Keyers Using this comment Jahia Plasencia cuts down

Lee& Lt; d. D. Payuro & # 39; Yaheiera Placencia played Daniela Dorcort in the film.

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