Thursday , July 7 2022

Monsaki and Tijuana: The victory of Mawarakas continues


Morozi's qualifier defeated Siolis in Tijuana by two goals and then qualified for the 16th Aperture Tournament in 2018. In addition to the invasion of a tournament for Chivis, they are being eliminated.

Mexican Miguel Sunsoras (MI 38 and 84), Chile Sebastian Vegas (m.60), Monarcas of Roberto Hernandez, Mexican Antonio Nava (m.53), Colombia Fabian Discount through castled (m.72) Xolos.

Morrelia went out to see three points in Lyuria in the Synthetic field of Tijuana. Miguel was a head of the Sunsaurus 38 minutes.

Round trip in the second half. In the 53rd minute, Antonio Nou began playing at the right base. Vegas again beat West Indies in the 60th minute on the left.

The party's decision was a Sons Sora. Carlos Fierro accepted a service from the 84th minute.

Monarchs finished seventh, with seven wins, four draws, five wins and 25 points. Green And Quatertore Yesterday their games were tied up Touzos Atlas and Los Lagos 2-2, along with Vercruz.If they win the home in the next week's tournament, La Macquina Celest del Cruz Azul. If they lose, they will not succeed Pachuca and Querotroo in their matches.

This Saturday is the coach of the Portuguese coach Pedro Caixhina The defeated defeats 2-1 Bullet The Uruguayan Martot first confirmed the notes Cauteruccio (m.33), Mexican Horse Madhu (m.42) in Argentina Leonardo Ramos won (m.20) for Losobos.

The bronze went through ten wins, three draws, three defeats, Ericsson with 33 points, and Santos Laguna of Canada five points.

French today Andrey Pierre Gignac He set up four targets to lead the LTTE attacks UANL Puebla lost to 6-1. Gignac (MS 21, 45, 50 and 65), Chilean Edwardo Vargas (39, 49, 49) Argentine Jesso Frances of Santos made three goals against Laguna.

Nexus, who took a 1-1 draw at home ground in Motaria, reinforced Ryaguars' position in today's league. On the other hand, Guillaal Lauren was successful. As a result of Goyle's disagreement, Chivas feels that their two games can achieve a marvelous success, as a result of Morolea, the Club World Cup abandoned the lamb as the only project of the house.

Tomorrow Tolago, The seventh in the table, the pumas UNAM, 6th, Santos Laguna, third, America, second, the most interesting dark of the weekend

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