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Peru vs. Uruguay: Peruvian National Team Cora América's semifinals & # 39; Charus & # 39; Against the penalty shootout qualify for the shootout. [FOTOS] | 65 photo 1 America Cup


Peru and Uruguay He had to define the next semaphyannist America Cup Per Penalty Shootout. This Peruvian Selection Team & # 39; Chaira & # 39; Given a tough game against him, he reached with all his artillery to keep the final quota in the semifinals; However, after unmatched matches in 90 minutes, they had to go on a shot in 12 steps. Fun memes were fired from this historical classification.

The national team did not lose the ball on the ball and was looking for the goals of the first half; However, the & # 39; Celest & # 39; The defense was closed and during the 90 minutes the score was zero. These panoramas of uncertainty inspired entertaining memes, which went viral in networks.

Peru vs. Uruguay: Collision for the quarterfinals of Copa América

Ricardo Geracca Selected to start a meeting with André Carillo and Edison Flores. First & # 39; Bikolar & # 39; Was absent in the last match of the cast, while the second had a few minutes during the group stage.

This Peruvian Selection In the previous edition, he got his pass in the semifinals Copa América Uruguay So, entered the ground with its maximum stars ZambreraSave him from his injury, and Abram They will become a personal brand. Will face Peru Chile This Wednesday at 7:30 pm Guild Arena.

Peru vs. Uruguay: Players get fans in impressive pendants. | Video

Fans were present at the concentration hotel of the Peruvian national team. (Video: Daniel Apu)

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United more than ever! The unprecedented gesture of the Peruvian National Team for the official photo

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