Monday , May 29 2023

Popular force | Congress candidate Tamir Arimburgo will be replaced by chair of education commission


Congresswoman Tamar Arimborgo (Furza P Popular Puller) The annual session will be the new chairman of the Congress Education Commission during 2019-2020, according to sources in the journal.

Bench of Popular force He held an internal election on Tuesday evening at his local supporter located at Paso Colલનn Avenue in Cercado de Lima. Most of the commissions presented two listings with applicants.

In the 2018-2019 legislature, the Education Commission was chaired by MLA Milagros Salazar (Forza Popular). During its operation, the working group was given 120 business days to investigate alleged irregularities in academic texts.

In both Tamar Arimborgo The bill created a controversy in January this year by introducing a bill to exclude "gender ideology" of public policies, because – as noted in the disclosure statement – "Cancer and AIDS." Legal initiatives were eventually withdrawn.

In addition, during the interplay with the Minister of Education, Flor Pablo, he compared this area of ​​the state to "Sodom and Gomorrah." He also notes that "the biological function of sex and its organic anatomy is reproduction, not pleasure."

On most occasions, Tamar Arimborgo He shows his support and & # 39; is not involved with my children & # 39; Has participated in the mass march of The functioning of the Ministry of Education has also been criticized.

For this annual session, Furza P has lost the presidency of the Science, Science, Culture and Production Committees due to the resignation of new benches and resignations in the popular Pooler, Orange Bench.

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