Monday , August 2 2021

Royal and Wilster damage

The Royal Pari and Wilstman were injured in a 2-2 thrashing at Taohchi Aguilera Stadium last night. The Santa Cruz team dropped below 0-2, but in two minutes the game was played uncontrollably before Aviator by Roberto Mosquera's reaction.

Cruciños and Valunos went in search of victory from the beginning, they are so enthusiastic that the people of Alaver Pi advances in the first half of the marker. In 17 minutes, Alex da Silva took 0-1. After stopping the ball from Crisian "Lochy" Chavez, Brazilian Defender defeated George Arrows with a well-arranged header. The local people did not react, so he went to rest with the result.

In supplementary, Wilster decided to break the lawsuit. Chavez, Lucas Gaucho and Fernando Suceca raised the score after a nice play. Later, after the exact pass from Brazilian Gaucho, the second (0-2) was announced.

He gave the impression that three points were in the pocket of Aviator and he was on the road to victory; However, local reaction and story changed. Columbia's John J. A. Mosquera Discount on 77 & # 39; Scorers got a great pass from Pedro Sails to defeat Arnoldo Gimenez and to put 1-2.

The goal was a surprise to the red, which was greatly ignored so that the draw quickly came. After a minute (78 & # 39;), Maurizio Carrasco has equalized. Argentine, who had entered through his partner Mauro Milano, passed through Mosquera on the edge of a large area, settled down and defeated Jimenez 2-2 in the final.

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