Wednesday , August 4 2021

Second section: Juan Aureich has three working days to discharge his CJ-FPF

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Juan Aarich's arguments that must support 26 Mondays before the Commission of the Perennial Federation of Soccer, it should be harder than Machu Picchu's stones if they take the third position in the second division before Syngians.

Said that the quota allowed the possibility of going to the final, losing the final of the second division (Carlos Manuchi vs. UCV), losing the Peru Cup final and losing the third position, the teams will create a quadrilateral where they will define both who go to the first division .

And we remember, according to Libero, a few days ago, ADFPA chaired by Hugo Dithuruu's & # 39; Cyclone & # 39; Debt declared as much as it affects the product.

"In response to your letter of November 12 this year, we tell you that the amount of $ 50 / 305.73 with our organization is due to debt corresponding to the date of Club Juan Aroich SA, 2017 Descentralized Championship." Note the dialogue presented on November 14, 2018.


This generates the UCV claim. "It is as if Club Juan Aureich has the remaining debt with ADFP, according to the base, it should not be allowed to participate in second division championship, which should participate in the disastrous championship ADFP-SD 2018 final phase, as it would be with the Hugolok Sports Club It happened, which was specific to participating in the final phase to break the economic-financial regulation. "

Despite this, Juan Aaric denied this fact. "Dissentralized Championship ADFP-SD 2018 complains and complaining of our club's violation of the foundation is wrong and tend to be complicated because they classify playoffs as OCEF and ADFP-SD, club juan auric reports and other clubs supporting telecommunications, they are bases and economic They were qualified by financial regulation as needed, "he suggested.

However, and to clarify this, the Peruvian Football Federation's Justice panel decided to give Juan Aarich three days of proceeding to know the details of the debt with ADFP.

"To present the claims made by Caesar Vallejo University Club, Juan Aroich mentioned in the current resolution the club's knowledge, so that the reference of" the resolution "refers within three working days of calculation from the date of notification of this resolution. What will happen?


The first leg (25 November) between Juan Aurech and Cienciano will be in Chikleo.

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