Friday , March 31 2023

Seni & # 39; s semis & quot; Played on



On the 11th and 18th of this month Carlos A. In the semi-finals of the second Division, Sennijian defeated Aliens Atlético 3-0.

Guadalupe Rover's leadership was on the pitch, but Danny Cohen's second half, twice in 47 minutes and valdar custodo 89.

In the first leg, Aliceza Attecito and Cincinno scored 1-1.

Jose Sootto's coach Carlos A. With the help of the mice, Councynayan is preparing to become a strong candidate. Counseliyan is likely to become a strong candidate.

The first match will be played at the Garcelazo Stadium in Cusco on Sunday. The match will be held on December 18 at Manische de Trujilli.

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