Thursday , March 4 2021

Sports University: The day of Fan Creem & # 39; s in the absence of an IPad guarantee. Canceling

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The Peruvian Institute of Sports (IPD) announced the Star-Match among the legends of the University of Sport Boca JuniorsSunday, Sunday 18th Sunday National StadiumCelebrate the anniversary of Northern Trek.

The FIG National Police Guarantors were not allowed for the event organized in honor of Ate team's most famous bar. IPD Company Talent sports.

"Reports from No. 226 to 2018 – REGPOL – LIMA / DIVSEESP – UNIPLO, LIMA Police Regional, rejected the Sports Program scheduled for November 18, guaranteeing the general development of a citizen's work.

In addition, the Universalis & # 39; Organizer & # 39; They have promised that they have not taken any steps to approve the IPL. "The 18th Sunday of the National Stadium will not be developed to protect the participants," he said.

In this way, Carlos & # 39; s Monkey & # 39; Navarro Mondeo, Jose Basuallo, Mauricio & # 39; Chico & # 39; Sarna, Oscar Ibnies, Paulo Maldonado, Béto Cranza, Roberto Martinez, George Amado Nouounes, Louis & Kleto & # 39; Guadalupe and Mauro Cantoro will not execute this weekend, but may be given another date.

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