Friday , September 24 2021

Stan Lee: These are all the striking characters in the world

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The world of superheroes is grieving because Stan Lee, father of Marvel World, who left the 95-year-old world. Earlier known Stanley Martin LeBour He abandoned the trademark of many characters, which marked their childhood and became product of their creativity.

In the top superheroes Spiderman, Enter man, Hulk, Iron Man , Professor Xavier, Beast, Ismanan, Cyclops, Jean Gray, Angel), Grot, Devdwell, Black Panther, Hawk, Scarlet Whatch, Quixi, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Stan Lee and the legendary singers are creations of villains Doctor Doom, The enemy of the & # 39; s fantasy for & # 39; MagnetoSome thought that Komik was anti-hero in many adventure items. They made a struggle between light and darkness. With the addition of the living planet Galactus and Ego.

Several superheroes in Marvel films complain about Stan Lee's death in Hollywood Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, the competitor franchise, DCStanley's separation.

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