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The application of health professionals Gehnnos started a pilot plan in Mexico


Colombian company, born in 2017, is a network of health professionals in Brazil

Tatiana Arango M. – [email protected]

The purpose of the Columbia application is to provide medical advice and home-based telephonic access at home, which was born in 2017, and works in the hands of Biketia, who is in charge of Probeotta's acceleration and incubator. It is selected as one of the 29 projects that can impact the country's capital.

The company established by David Garcia Patino, who is also its CEO, participates in the Inappal's Eladea program, and was one of the five Colombian enterprises chosen to attend the World Congress of Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

Talking about the company's plan, manager LR.

How did gehonos rise?
We started with the first part of the application in 2017, which was originally enrolled in the digital process of registration and health professionals, then the application was a subscription. We work as a digital gateway for health services. We provide marketing and operation platforms to independent professionals so that they can provide their special services to increase their income through a more appropriate way to organize their business.

How many professionals provide services in the app?
We have 800 in the whole country, most of them are the general practitioners who have started their process on the platform, indicating the presence of their hours and where they can do it: by home or by call. She is bringing a family doctor to a new era.

Do they also provide their services to companies?
Initially we started a direct model customer, but we realized that it was difficult to know because you have to invest a large amount of money in marketing. So we decided that instead of inventing investors, like most startups, we developed a line of business for companies.

There is insufficient hunger for companies like travel insurance in the corporate sector, which provide medical assistance to passengers. Our customers in Europe are using our platform to provide medical services to customers coming from Latin America to Europe. Initially we started offering this in Colombia, but the model liked them so much that they asked us to make these networks in other countries.

What are they?
We have a network of doctors in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador and we are building a network in São Paulo and Brazilian Rio de Janeiro.
We promote services directly to customers in major cities: Bogota, Madeleine, Kelly and Barranquilla. For B2B businesses, we create a network according to the company's needs.
How do you ensure that health professionals are trustworthy?
Our model allows you to be very professional as a professional to subscribe, but with the quality sector guarantee, with all the requirements of the health sector. For example, we received 4,000 applications, but we have filtered out of the universe and we have 800 people providing services.

How many users do they have and how much is the cost of each consultation?
We have 1,500 users. The values ​​we did were standardized. For example, a common practice consultation costs similar expenses in all cities: $ 75,000 and $ 80,000 if it's nocturnal. If they are nocturnal, the therapy has a fee of $ 35,000 and $ 40,000. And so for every type of service. We have an established network for telephone medical guidance 24 hours a day. We liked it so much that traveling help company, Traveler's Assistance, which is Ecuadorian, uses us to connect patients around the world with the network of our professionals.

What is your plan?
We are in the process of expansion. We have relaunched the digital marketing strategy in B2C and we want to reduce acquisition costs for this segment.

There is a Colombian investment group called Grande Petriminos who showed interest in developing a business in Mexico. Then we will open a pilot in Mexico in August. We believe that it will be very intense because ordinary Mexican people have to pay less than their pocket costs, so most outpatient services & # 39; out of the pocket & # 39; Is performed.

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