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The dollar value in Mexico today is Saturday June 29, 2019 | Exchange rate | Banamex | CAT


According to reports, today the dollar price in Mexico, Saturday, June 29, 2019, closed at 19.23 Paes. And, the average exchange rate for the United States currency is 18.65 peso and 19.33 pesos.

Located in exchange homes Benito International Airport Juarez Mexico City, A. Dollar They are sold at maximum 19.45 pesos and are received at least 18.12 peso.

You can see Mexico: According to the functional calendar of the year 2019, year holidays and bridges

While Government banks, Like Tax administration service (SAT), for the purchase and sale of dollars and the dollar for the dollar is 20.70 Federation's official journal The exchange rate for both buying and selling is 19.17. Also, in Bank of Mexico Dollar for purchase is 19.19 and for sale 19.20.

The cost of buying and selling dollars in Mexican bank's dealers

Banamex Buy at 18.65 and sell at 19.50

Centender Buying 17.55 and Selling 19.93

HSBC Mexico Buying sold at 18.78 and 19.24

Scotiabank Purchase 18.85 and Sell 19.24

BBVA Bancor Buying at 17.82 and selling at 19.62

Banks Azteca 17.80 purchase and sale at 19.20

Ebursa Buy at 18.95 and sell at 19.50

Benoort Buy 18.05 and Sell 19.45

Dollars in credit cards in Mexico

American Express 18.75 and selling at 19.67

Visa Buy 18.77 and Sell at 19.66

MasterCard 18.76 and selling at 19.66

Exchange rates ranging from USD to Mexican Peso MXN

1 USD 19.20 Mexican Pacos
5 USD 96.02 Mexican Pacos
$ 10 192.04 Mexican Pacos
50 dollars 960.20 Mexican Pacos
$ 100 1920.40 Mexican Pacos
USD 500 9 602 Mexican Pacos
1000 USD 19 220 Mexican Peso
5000 USD 96 101 Mexican Pacos
$ 10,000 192 202 Mexican Pacos
USD 50 000 961 010 Mexican Pacos

Mexican Peso MXN exchange rate in US dollars

1 Mexican peso $ 0.05
5 Mexican pacos $ 0.26
10 Mexican Pacos $ 0.52
50 Mexican Pacos $ 2.26
100 Mexican Pacos $ 5.20
500 Mexican Peso $ 26.01
1000 Mexican Pesos $ 52.03
5000 Mexican Peso $ 260.14
10 000 Mexican pacos $ 520.29
50,000 Mexican Pacos $ 601.43

How is the Mexican economy?

In terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the Mexican economy is the 13th economy in the world, and the second largest in Latin America. It is mostly a targeted economy for exports. Mexico is part of NAFTA with United States and Canada, and member of WTO.

How much is the dollar off in Mexico yesterday?

The dollar price in Mexico is closed on Friday, June 28, 2019 at 19.20 Mexican paces. Market in the US Currency exchange rate was 18.60 paisa for buying and selling.

What is the US Dollar?

The official currency of the United States is the US Dollar. Its code is ISO 4217 in USD and, after breaking the gold standard in 1971, this currency was fiat.

Today's exchange rate for the Friday, June 28, 2019 [VIDEO]

Why are there more valuable dollars than peso?

The value of one currency is not important in relation to another. Switching Mexican currency into new Mexican peso where 100 peso pesos are worth a new peso, it will create new Mexican peso at a price higher than the dollar or euro. The value of the currency against the other has no relevance.

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