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The movie "Tizoc", Maria Felix is ​​a weeping Pedro Infinity


Six months after the tragic death Pedro Info, His separation after a plane crash was near the surface and the newspapers in 1957 reached the audience "Tizoc" Pedro was one of the last films in the four cinematic theaters in Mexico. He was the only actor Mary Felix

In December of that year, the poster of EL UNIVERSAL reads: "Every Mexico appreciates her, and Mexico appreciates her throughout." Maria Felix joined the beauty of the petro's beauty. She was a lovely Indian girl with "Maria".

The panoramic view of Tenango de las Flores, Puebla, is a scene of this tragedy. The racial barriers in the characters stand out.

Tape directed Ismail Rodríguez A hit actor in Mexico and the Berlin Festival, where the actor presented a silver bear for his men's performance. Togo, a beautiful Indian, who loves love for liquor, is one of the most symbolic scene in his wings Golden times
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In the movies of the Pedro Infant did not find "Tazok"

When Pedro Infantry starred, he appeared "like a fish in the water", enjoyed his work, advancing in front of cameras, and expressed a good character for the observation and retained the pictures in his memoirs. University A mirror is studying his movements in front. "I'm like a mad guy, I see how my mouth, hands or my steps are taken," he said.

The close friend of her last sunny day celebrated with the close friends of the festival. The newspaper's page is said to have been celebrated by a house in Pedro Guinavaca. On that day, he accepted Mariyachi, and a virgin put her on the home of a porcelain for a chapel in her house.

Although the final pictures of this image are depicted in Oxaka, Padroso did not want to travel on the plane. Eight years ago, his friend Blanc Estela Pavon died in a plane crash.

For this reason, the actor liked to come in the car, but it was six hours late when he left the wrong way. Petro likes not to go on the plane, so "do not put to death," but six months later he would die in an air force.


Universal visited 61 years after visiting the musician's tomb

Before the death of the Pedro Infantry people sang a peopleBefore the death of the Pedro Infantry people sang a people

Successful Premier in Mexico and Berlin

On June 23, 1957, EL Universal reported the success of "Tizoc" in Europe. The film was presented in Berlin and gave good feedback.

"Today, the Mexican film & # 39; tyjok & # 39; s exhibition has been held in connection with the Berlin Film Festival, which displays exhibits, particularly Mexican rural monuments.

presentacion_berlin_1957.jpg "src =" "style =" width: 441px; Height: 71px; "/><br />On July 2, he was awarded with the Silver Bear at the Berlin Festival at the Pedro Infant, for his men's performance in "Tasok".</p>
<p>On October 23, 1957, he received unexpected accolades. The mechanics of Almeida, Amaresa, Polanko, and Marisalla were simultaneously exhibited at the same time.<br /><img alt=

"Tijok is one of the last two films of Pedro Infante, which is in color with a cinemascope (a shoot depicted in the use of large images).
Unlike ever, wearing beautiful Mexican clothes that are beautiful to her beauty and beauty.
maria_felix_entizoc.jpg "src =" "style =" width: 441px; Height: 272px; "/><br /><span style=Mary loves a nun in love, and a love story is born

An Indian takoo hunted to die and marries Maria. His beauty is very appealing to him, the paraplegic between them is remarkable.
maria_2.jpg "src =" "style =" width: 441px; Height: 309px; "/><br /><span style=In the picture the virgin Mary of the Virgin Mary seems strongly similar.

Maria, a strong urban woman, seeks shelter in provincial landscape and her fiancee forgets the artistry's fraud, but the beauty and sensitivity of Tizos is amazing.

"A joke has come from a joke to bring love, and their souls will continue to enjoy their love for God when their love dies", Tizoc Maria in a movie says Mary Felix before the tears, "I love you" in a Pedro Infantette.

And, of course, an anxiety from the bed is complicated. The folk song singing is a big tragedy.
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In October 1957, Mary Felix spoke University His role in "Tossok" is a beautiful, rich experience.

"The character seems to be great, or does not believe me interpreted me," he said.

He was very impressed about Pedro. Being born in a Guanacchio in Sináao, a romantic love proposal was due to a friendship.
"Pedro was a good partner and a good friend and we are more friendly at the shooting of the film, but you know it very well: Friendship," he said.
Felix "Tazok" has its magnificent history and its Mexican characters and landscapes become fond of the reason.

"Pedro and me were absolutely undefined Mexican, I long wanted to interpret someone, and I think the simple and human story is a good movie for everyone," he said.

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