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The patient: "If you say in a diabetic approach, they do not work"

Of the 100 infected patients, 93 are Type 2 diabetes. Cases are increasing in the country. Diabetes affects over one lakh people in the country. Doctors recommend how to deal with the disease.

In Ernesto Martinez, he began to lose body weight for a clear reason. He started experiencing symptoms 18 years ago. He dyed two diabetes.

"Every night I ate the weight, I was always hungry, I was overwhelmed and I was not in a car, but I went to a bathroom and it was not unusual," Ernesto says. .

He observed that everything that happened to his body was uncommon and that he had sought professional help. They did many experiments. The answer was clear: A deluxe diesel containing glucose was 600 mg (mg), where the normal levels were between 90 and 130 mg / dL and 180 mg / d.

The next steps take the medication to restore your body by eating and exercising, taking the drug, specified by the specialist, including insulin.

"I went through two stages, first impressed, and I ate my food, I applied but a moment when I honestly ignored me, because you believed me because I did not want to eat more, I stopped exercising," says Ernesto.

Ernesto says that it is necessary to keep the stability of diabetes. The main amounts of food are said to have food, because they can eat two furrows, make matches, or eat more money, or two tablespoons of beans or rice, but no more.

"Diabetes have some problems, and if you are using diabetes, they will not give you a job or ask for permission on a recurring basis because you have suffered from diabetes and another in your place," Martinez says.

He met a diabetic patient and told him many times he had a lot of pain in a call center, blaming her for eating drugs, but in fact she responded when her blood pressure decreased. It's gone.

Eight years ago, mental illnesses exercised the insulin injections for insulin injections. Instead of getting better, Martinez spent his sickness.

"I was in a state of pancreas, and it did not work, it must be recognized, it's the biggest problem for all the sick people, they know and they do not know, and if they do not get good education they will continue to make mistakes … We can not control diabetes because we say: Gassikot a You will not come twice a day, but you should be aware of & # 39;

Another problem with diabetes is that the amount of sugar in your body is 300 mg. Ernesto says 400 mg, but physically given the most serious complications of the disease at the time of time, they do not have any discomfort that seem normal and diabetic as usual.

"Your legs start losing density, you can walk on hot water, not everyone at high temperatures seems to you, and when you go to sleep in your arms, your hands and your sleeves, it seems to you forever. Can not do anything, "says Ernesto.

What's happening, the patient says, metabolism works the same and when you have repeated infections that you do not heal.

"I've entered this stage, there's a complex wound, a very small start and produced ulcer, which is very careful, without any healing and cure of antibiotics, I thought I was admitted to the hospital for 70 days," Ernesto says.

Regular control of regulatory diabetes, not just normal sugar levels, good diet, good weight, exercise, good blood pressure and time are common triglycerides and cholesterol.

"I believe that people are sick, I believe, I believe that God will cure me, but I can do it on my side and act on my side, so I can be happy," he says. Martinusus

In El Salvador, there are more than a million people suffering from diabetes. President Roberto Seritos of Salvado Diabetes Association, Rosenells Hospital, Endosnicology Services Head, Roses said, "500,000 will not be affected by this.

International Diabetes Federation (IDF) announced in 2015 that 465 million people are affected by diabetes. Ceteros explained that 690 million people will be affected by 2040.

The World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14th. This memo was established in 1991 by IDF and WHO (WHO).

This is a problem Cerritos suggests that the majority of people do not agree with diabetes and have consequences for the serious symptoms of the disease because they can not control it.

"We want to resist the diabetes relatives, because we know about children who are already with diabetes, but we can not know this, but the ecological part can change," the specialist said.

The doctor said that the doctor plays an important role. Because if the doctor finds out that there are diabetes in the family, parents should be forced to do so, eating so much food, balanced food and energy.

"If children develop healthier and exercise habits, it will interrupt diabetes, disease or stroke," Cerritos said.

At the moment of adolescence, people with genetic factors for diabetes will have to delay the appearance of smoking, stress, alcohol and many pregnancies.

On the other hand, Antis and Rosses Alessandro of Rosselles Hospital, and a student of endocrinology explained: There is a need to drink lots of liquids due to blood sugar levels; Because of insufficient insufficiency in the body, it is desirable to urinate up to three times a night, more tiring and anxiety than normal.

Other people with diabetes may experience a low vision, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, weakness, dizziness, and weight loss.

Diabetes, blindness and blindness are some of the serious symptoms of bacterial force, lower circumference, diarrhea, constipation and excessive sweating.

Avalos said, as Avalos said, because it is suitable for the whole population, it is not only a healthy but also a good source of food, like vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits, and simple sugar removal, such as honey, sugar, bread and flour.

Cerritos said the need to educate the population is essential and that it is essential for health care. If you do not educate, the number of people with the disease will be increased and not all diabetics will be cured.

According to a survey by the ASADI Survey, the highest number of diabetes in San Salvador is in the northern regions of the country and consuming more women because they use more grains, bad food habits, and children.

He should not only require a normal glucose 24 hours and blood sugar levels to maintain a diabetic patient with bleeding, cholesterol, triglycerides, hemoglobin and normal urine.

ASADI is 30 years old. The main goal is awareness and awareness regarding the disease.

Now they face two serious issues, one of whom is a financial component that does not allow them to reach the Salvadoran population, and the second does not recognize that their disease is stable, medical and psychological.

Every Wednesday, 100 patients talk about infection. They discuss more about diabetes and continue to get sick.

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