Wednesday , March 3 2021

There is a high probability of child death or disability

Obese kids are more likely to have premature death or adult disability, Nutritionist Victor Panduro Tucarit, The Mexican Institute of Social Security (MSS).

"Childhood obesity is associated with high risk of premature death and disability It can also be associated with respiratory difficulties and blood pressure, The signs of early Cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance, and psychological effects"He stressed.

The IMSS Deputy General Insurance Coordinator at Sonorai pointed out that the evils that affect the vast majority of the population are obesity and obesity.

"For this The consumption of sugar should be limited and consumed by fruits and vegetables, As well as lentils, whole grains, nuts, "said the specialist.

Panduro's tuition is a great way to prevent parenting and the complexity of a healthy diet or a habit of changing the habits.

Chile is the latest FAO report in Chile among countries with high levels of nutrition in the Latin American region and Ulceradin.

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