Monday , May 29 2023

Three asteroids pass through "near" the earth: NASA – NSS Oaxaca


Nevertheless, he highlighted three reasons why we should not worry about that event. One of them is that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is going to be farther away.

The information from NASA indicates that this Saturday is the three asteroids passing over the earth to Earth, but we do not have to worry. Special Portal Science Alert says humanity is not at risk.

In order to mitigate the fear of the reader, the media will explain the reasons why this incident should not be frightened.


Astronomers move closer to Earth with the names 2018 VS1, 2018 VR1, 2018 VX1. Cosmic word is definitely & # 39; nearby. Thus, the average distance between the two Earth and the Moon (384,400 km) is higher, according to the American Aerospace Agency's predictions.

The asteroid 2018 VS1 is the closest approach to the Earth. 3.62 Lunar distance, 2018 VR1 would be even longer. Ie 13.19 lunar distance. Only 2018 VX1 will be slightly closer to Satellite: 0.99 sqft.

Although these distances are rare in landscape, they are considered smaller in the cosmic world.

According to NASA estimates, less than 140 meter material is not considered dangerous. According to this limit, we spend the whole week in this weekend are completely risky.

2018 VS1 2018 VR1 and 2018 VR1 between 2018 VX1 and 2018 VX1.

No similar illness was found
An asteroid has come to our planet, and we do not see it. It is 2018 VA2, which is 10-23 meters wide, this Friday (1:01 GMT) passes to 1.87 Earth distance. Nothing happened. The planet continues in its normal life.

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