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Top 10 companies in Latin America


An international rankings in the US rankings. Chinese companies are rapidly growing. Credit: Getty Images

As the first economy in the region,


The country has the largest number of corporate giants in Latin America, but not just that. It comes from the top 10 companies in the sector




In the Global 2000 ranking by Forbes Magazine, it includes over 2,000 of the world's largest companies.

How do they determine which is the largest? A group of analysts qualify for companies and sell them in general market – four factors are considered: sales, profits, assets and market value. Under these criteria, Global analyzes institutions from more than 60 countries in 2000.

China and the United States are the top 10 in the world for the first time since 2015. However, the number of corporations in the US is maintaining dominance, with a total of 30%. Chinese Bank, ICBC, Chinese Construction Bank and US JP Morgan Chase are among the top five.

These are ten big companies at the Latin American level. Ito Unibank Holding, Bradcrow, Vale, Banco Du Brazil, Petrobras, EcoPotrol, Amerissa Movil, Fema, GF Norte, and Grupo McChee.

1. It's Ubonco Holding

  • Sale: 62,300 million dollars
  • Revenue: $ 7,500 million
  • Assets: 437,600 million dollars
  • Market value: 87,000 million dollars

At the headquarters of São Paulo, it has 99,300 people. The executive director is Candido Bracer. In 2008, UBPCO acquired Banco Itto the largest fund of the southern hemisphere. It provides services to individuals and corporate clients. Rade is one of the largest payment systems in Brazil.

After the merger with Yubancoo, it became a banking giant
After the merger with Yubancoo, it became a banking giant Credit: Getty Images

2. Banco Bridco

  • Sales: 76,500 million dollars
  • Income: $ 4,700 million
  • Assets: $ 370,600 million
  • Market value: $ 61,300 million

98,800 workers are engaged in banking services, insurance, pension and bonus capitalization business. It is the second largest bank in Latin America.

The declaration of executive director of the Octavio de lasari announced that next year the amount of the loan will be increased by 10%, in the hope that it will promote policies that will favor the new government markets.


  • Sale: 34,100 million dollars
  • Revenue: $ 4,600 million
  • Assets: 94,400 million dollars
  • Market Value: $ 77,400 million

Company Vale, one of the world's biggest mining companies, operated in 30 countries. The largest producer of iron ore. At the headquarters of Rio de Janeiro, 69,300 employees are dismissed, executive director Fabia Schoowsman.

A miner's work in Minnece Gerasis was destroyed in 2015 and the social and environmental disaster was condemned in 2015.

It is the second largest bank in Latin America
It is the second largest bank in Latin America Credit: Getty Images

Banco do Brazil

  • Sales: US $ 55,000 million
  • Revenue: $ 3,400 million
  • Assets: 412,800 million dollars
  • Market Value: $ 27,800 million

Banco do Brasil SA It is a mixed financial institution, in which the federal government is the majority shareholder. Its shares are trading at the São Paulo Stock Exchange. Its executive director is Paulo Cabarelli. The number of employees is 100.

Former former president, Bunco du Brazil, Petrovbras, and Admedier Bendine, both government officials, were sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for corrupt and black money.

5. Petropra

  • Sales: 90,000 million dollars
  • Revenue: 642 million dollars
  • Assets: 248,000 million dollars
  • Market value: 92,600 million dollars

Petrobras of Brazil, one of the largest oil companies in the world, is a government owned company. The Petrobras was founded in 1953. It has been the pride of the country for decades. A major scam was going to give bribe from construction company Odebrecht to gain public contracts.

He condemned the allegations that Altamir Bendain, chairman of Petroprauss between 2015 and 2016, was working in a land in Brazil, but spread to many countries in Latin America.

The world's largest iron ore produces the tail.
The world's largest iron ore produces the tail. Credit: Getty Images

6. Ecopetrol

  • Sales: 19,400 million dollars
  • Revenue: $ 2,800 million
  • Assets: 42,500 million dollars
  • Market value: 45,700 million dollars

The Colombian company of the oil and gas industry employed 8,800 people. Its headquarters are in Bogotá. Executive director Felipe Pardo. Working in three trade zones: exploration and production; Hygiene and petrochemicals; Transportation and logistics services.

It is one of the leading oil companies in Latin America, which has become a public-private company linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

7. Americas Mow

  • Sale: 54,600 million dollars
  • Revenue: 624 million dollars
  • Assets: 78,700 million dollars
  • Market Value: $ 57.800 million

Especially telephone and payphone in the telecommunications industry. It has 190,000 employees, executive director Daniel Aboumrad. In Mexico, this is known as the Telcel brand.

The region is located in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico. He has developed business in the United States and in business.

Banco do Brasil SA This is a mixed financial institution.
Banco do Brasil SA This is a mixed financial institution. Credit: Getty Images

8. Fems

  • Sales: 25,200 million dollars
  • Revenue: $ 2,100
  • Assets: 31.300 million dollars
  • Market value: $ 31,200 million

The Mexico Farmhouse Economy Located in Monterrey, Mexico, has 295,000 employees. Miguel Silva is executive director. It is engaged mainly in the production, distribution and marketing of beverages. Sell ​​brands of Coca Cola containing soft drinks, water, fruit juices, coffee, milk and other big brands.

Opole chain stores work in Mexico and other retail businesses. Feds, logistics and vehicle maintenance services are also offered. Refrigerators are sold for drinks and companies selling food and beverage. It operates in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and the Philippines.

9. Look at the GF

  • Sales: 9,100 million dollars
  • Revenue: $ 1,400 million
  • Assets: 76,200 million dollars
  • Market value: USD 16,100 million

GRPO Financier has worked with SBDCV Banking in Banking Sector. It includes commercial banking, life insurance and pension fund management. The financial resources of individuals and corporations are managed by Casa de Boss Bantur Ix and Banorty Ix Fund. The headquarters is in the Monterrey. About 30,000 people are employed.

The Petrobras state owned by the construction company Odebrecht's bribery scam.
The Petrobras state owned by the construction company Odebrecht's bribery scam. Credit: Getty Images

10. Groupo Mexico

  • Sale: 10,200 million dollars
  • Revenue: $ 1,700 million
  • Assets: 26,700 million dollars
  • Market value: USD 22.600 million

It is a mining company working in Mexico City, where over 30,000 people work. Developing commercial operations in Globel McClain in mining, exploration and exploitation of logical and non-metallic minerals. This includes providing facilities for transportation services in the railway sector, development of infrastructure and development projects, oil refineries, power generation plants and public works.

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