Friday , June 18 2021

University student: 15 days ago lost her daughter, now champion Samuel Eugenio | Federation Cup | Minors | Peruvian Football | Sports

For a parent, the biggest challenge, without a doubt, is a lost child. Some consider it to be unusual, that a child must survive a parent, that is what it is. However, this is not the story Samuel Eugenio, Former player and coach of the minor divisions of the University 2001 section.

Two weeks ago, "Bushher", known as the defensive baron, lost his daughter. If the pain of loss can not focus him, he goes ahead and gives him a reward to achieve this achievement.

After competing against Deportivo Municipality, after winning the championship, Youth Creams, Mauro "El Tero" CantooThey came to their coach, and they appreciate their support.

Eugenio, Considered to be his best technician Federation Cup In 2011, the club's interviews and interviews "This title I submit to my daughter. 15 days ago my daughter died. He has given me a good name, I know he sees me and celebrates with me ".

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