Wednesday , January 20 2021

Vanessa Terrex and George Forstith are threatened by La Victoria Mafia Photos | Photo 1 4 Police

By: Carla Chavez and Isabel Medina

Violence in La Victoria is common due to Gamarra's streets and the Kota mafia in organized crime. The new supervisory manager, Susel Paredes, started his work with a strong hand, but the chaos and mayor George Forced had to walk with 7 bodyguards before the risks of death.

"We want to improve the district and there is no other way than to be tough." Forbes, Who returned the decision to face all kinds of crimes.

Popular & # 39; Ken & # 39; Wife's wife actress Vanessa Terrex said she also feared him. "Obviously, you have to be careful, but they will not fear me," he said.

He reminded that a few weeks ago his cellphone was stolen in the car, so there was also security (two retired police men).

During the first operations in Gamarra, street vendors from Peruvian and Venezuela organized fights in collision with police and Serena.


Tromomers of the tram gallery told Truman, "It's true, there are people who need to work, but there are also mafia who threatens people who are working in the formality."

For their part, Susel Parade has indicated that everything is a process, but "many people do not want to register because they do not pay anything on the street".

Take into account

Carlos Moreno, The interior minister, announced that it would strengthen police intelligence and increase troops in La Victoria.

Municipality It registers street vendors to ease the status of free with 6 months.

– There are also problems in La Laraad
, & # 39; Fruit Market & # 39; Hill & # 39; San Cosmos & # 39 ;, Hill & # 39; El Pino & # 39;

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