Wednesday , July 6 2022

VMT: A woman is employing a foreign worker and then steals his house [VIDEO]


November 14, 2018 14:15 PM.

Ruby Mégia, a Peruvian woman, revealed that Venezuela's citizenship had stolen 8,000 slaves at her home and precious jewels in her home in the Motor Delianne Truffona.

Immigration Venezuela, The name Antonio Durand Fernandes, Got the faith of the injured. Weeks before, a public transport bus candy met him while he was selling.

Megya wanted to help immigrants Venezuela Her husband, Gustavo, offered a job in Baku, and asked him to send money to his country, to improve their economy.

Citizen Venezuela Last Tuesday, the other mornings reached the house of a couple at the partyNo Maria del trinho. At home only Gusto Buto had only one house. He aimed to steal everything for his purpose.

"I never thought that the person who gave me my hand was a criminal gang who attacked us in our home. Villa Maria Del Truffo"His wife said.

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