Wednesday , July 6 2022

Vodafone and Telecom Italia are also the companies that have contracted the 5G network


Vodafone Group Plus Telecom Italia sp They are negotiating with the next Generation Wireless Network in Italy. Sharing costs. According to educators aware of the deployment of high-speed connections.

The two companies have signed a secret agreement on the possible cooperation in the 5G network with the goal of getting together in the first quarter of 2019. But those who did not ask to discern that the discussions were private. The final decision was not taken, they added.

Participate sharing includes wireless towers and radio equipments. With a 5G spectrum, 4,800 million euros (approximately $ 5,400 million) are available. Both companies have bought this year's auction.

Representatives from Telecom Italia Vodafone They were freed from commenting.

The agreement between the two rivals deploying the next generation mobile services will welcome the Italian government, which promotes the speed of the internet and the discouraging efforts to create duplicate networks.

Telecom Italy Responds to political pressures by trying to collaborate with open fiber spy to accelerate the development of rapidly high-speed connections for homes and businesses.

A joint network partnership with Vodafone and Telecom Italia's Executive Amos Janech indicate that the company's commercial interests can stand firm. If you can keep your position.

5G network price
The 5G network is now emerging as an expensive technology. High speed and low-power connections offer smart connections to smart homes, cities, driver's cars, high definition videos, and games – the networks are more dense and can handle more traffic.

This technology will have 100 times faster than the 4G network, the speed at which 10 gigabytes per second. This will allow you to download a full-length movie in high definition in seconds.

The 5G network transfer speed increases and increases the total bandwidth. This is required to meet the needs of the "Internet off": Receive data from refrigerator to sepsor.

Italian auction of radio waves rose to $ 7,600 million. Spectrum band spectrum in the built-up sectors reached a world record in auction price. One of the most expensive in the world is the price of 5G developed in Europe.

Telecom Italy On Monday, Milan region rose by 2.8 per cent to 53 cents. In London, Vodafone rose by 0.3 per cent to 144.36 pence.

New Executive Officer VodafoneIn October, Nick Reid, which has won the Vittoria Kollo, indicates that it is willing to make contracts, because the telecom operators in the 5G network will face the next bill.

The Liberty Global PC's $ 18.4 billion deal for European assets is under pressure from investors to reduce the price of investments, including dividends and organizational growth costs. The interest of the activist Elliott Management Corporation is also attractive to this. The company has taken stock of shares but its intention is not publicly specified.

Increase prices
The intense competition against continuous opposition to the continuation of European regulators is putting pressure on some operators who face some of the possibilities of spending on the new network.

This month, Telecom Italy Leaving a goal of reducing a debt deficit and an abortation due to the depreciation of assets of some 2,000 million euros.

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